from today there is an instrument to defend democracy


Rome, July 28 (askanews) – The Montecitorio Hall “has finally approved our bill for the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into fake news”. This was stated by Luciano Nobili, deputy of Italia Viva, stressing that “it is a great step forward for our democracy, wanted with tenacity by Italia Viva, especially by Maria Elena Boschi, first signatory of the bill”.

“Thanks to my colleague Lella Paita – explains the deputy – rapporteur of the law, with whom we worked once again together, and Gabriele Toccafondi and Michele Anzaldi who followed her to the culture commission. The time has come to put a brake on circulation of false and dangerous information on the net “.

Not even during the Covid emergency “our country was spared from the violent disinformation of those who want to delegitimize the institutions and feed panic in the citizens. Defend our democracies from authoritarian drifts and from the threat of fake news that are the first ally of populisms and, often, the interference of other countries to condition the public debate can only be a priority in the 21st century, when the formation of opinions takes place increasingly through social networks “.

“It is a complex and extremely difficult challenge – adds Nobili – the balance between defending freedom of opinion and the press, against any censorship, and defending information from any pollution is crucial for our time. From today the parliament has an adequate tool to face it, to defend politics and the institution from lies and manipulations “.


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