Executives appeal sanction for lack of competence of the ethics commission of Conmebol


Guayaquil (Ecuador), Aug 8 (EFE) .- The six members of the Board of Directors of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) suspended by Conmebol appealed the sanction “due to the lack of competence of the Ethics Commission” of said body, says this Saturday the statement of the directors suspended for 90 days.

During a Board meeting on April 24, Jaime Estrada, Carlos Galarza, Amilkar Mantilla, Edison Ugalde, Vicente Mantilla and Alfonso Murillo removed Francisco Egas from the presidency of the FEF, for which reason last Wednesday Conmebol suspended them from their functions for 90 days.

Among the grounds that they use for their defense, they specify that, “as we already denounced in our letter of July 14, 2020, the Ethics Committee of Conmebol, like FIFA, lacks competence to hear about internal matters that occur in an Association member”.

And they add: “This is how we must remember the letter of June 29, 2020 from Carlos Schneider of FIFA, contributed to this procedure, where he clearly establishes the position (the) governing body of association football worldwide.”

The communication to which they refer today indicates, “from an analysis of the reported events, it is observed that the present situation appears to be a matter related to the internal governance of the FEF, therefore, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee understands that it does not it has competence for the analysis and, where appropriate, subsequent prosecution of the facts denounced. “

Therefore, “we file the present appeal in order for (that) the Appeals Commission to revoke them.”

The administrative crisis of the FEF and the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic, since last March, led the Spanish-Dutch local coach Jordi Cruyff and the Spanish sports director Antonio Cordón hired at the beginning of 2020, to resign from their positions in July past.

Egas and members Michel Deller and Carlos Manzur, who were always on their side, will meet in a Board session next Monday, together with the alternate members of the punished managers, to “analyze profiles of technicians and determine which ones to start negotiations with. to hire the one who meets the requirements. “

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