For Donald Trump, Hong Kong can “never prosper” under Chinese control


Donald Trump assured this Thursday that Hong Kong was to “experience a descent into hell” as an international financial center under the rule of China.

“Hong Kong will never be able to prosper with a China so opposed to the thousands of minds who have shaped it, with a China in charge,” said the US president.

“Hong Kong markets will experience a descent into hell. Nobody is going to do business there, ”he added in an interview with Fox business news.

End of the preferential regime granted by Washington

The United States ended on July 14 the preferential regime granted by Washington to Hong Kong, after the imposition by China at the end of June of a draconian law on national security in the special autonomous region.

The American president explained to Fox business that the end of this preferential treatment would make Hong Kong lose its commercial attractiveness.

The United States and Hong Kong had a privileged trade relationship representing “large amounts,” said the Republican billionaire.

“China has become aggressive”

In 2018, Hong Kong sold under the preferential regime for 6.3 billion dollars of goods to the United States, in particular electrical equipment, precious metals or plastics.

“Once China became aggressive and took control, I stopped everything. Everything is stopped now and it will be a failure,” said Donald Trump.

The relations between the United States and China have experienced a resurgence of tension since the arrival to power of US President Donald Trump in January 2017.

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