Holland will let a woman play in a men’s team


The Dutch Football Association revealed that it will allow a woman to play competitively in a men’s club in the Fourth Division, with a view to a greater participation of girls in the men’s branch later on. The player in question is Ellen Fokkema, of 19 yearswho will be in the VV Forward.

It should be remembered that girls and young women are allowed for Category A mixed football up to below 19. After that they must perform separately with Category B squads.

“They always advised me to stay with the children as long as possible, so why not do it? It’s quite a challenge, but that only excites me more.

“I asked if something like this was possible and together we submitted the request. My colleagues also reacted with enthusiasm because I can stay with them. I cannot say what it will be like, but I am still very happy to be able to participate in this pilot plan, ”he said in statements to the official Foarut website.

The Dutch federation added that they will closely monitor the development of the situation; if it is successful they would consider modifying the rules so that it is expanded.


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