Koenigsegg Jesko has a single perk for $ 443,400


The carbon fiber body costs as much as a Lamborghini Aventador

The configurator for the Koenigsegg Jesko stands under this Link ready, but you need a username and password to access it. Because only the 125 people who are lucky enough to acquire a Jesko can play around with the online vehicle configurator.

Businessman and collector of supercars Manny Khoshbin is one of them and he decided to share the wonderful experience of configuring a Jesko on YouTube.

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In addition to the many options for configuring the fastest car Koenigsegg has built to date, we can also find out how much these options cost. The one that particularly caught our attention was the carbon fiber body, which alone made the hypercar’s price tag a whopping $ 443,400, or roughly the price of a new one Lamborghini Aventador S drifts up.

Jesko buyers can also ask Koenigsegg to give the carbon fiber case a green, blue, red, or purple tint, in which case the option is $ 346,100. The two candy colors Apple Red and Sweet Mandarin each cost a far accessible $ 63,300. Pearlescent paints trade at $ 24,800, along with metallic finishes for $ 13,900 and some “free” solid exterior paints.

In addition to these expensive color options (or even no color at all) there are other ways to specify a Jesko by adding a median, adjusting the fin, and choosing between aluminum or carbon fiber wheels. The most expensive slippers are obviously the carbon wheels with Michelin Cup 2R tires for a price of 110,700 dollars that catches the eye.

It goes without saying that the Koenigsegg Jesko is equipped with a variety of options for customizing the interior. All in all, Manny’s spec drove the price of the regular version up to $ 3,419,000, but he played with that too Jesko AbsolutConfigurator and ended up with a price tag of $ 4,081,050. To put that number in perspective, you could get one for $ 3.8 million Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

The exorbitant price is probably not a big problem for Manny, as he has already bought a few Bugattis McLaren P1 and Senna, a modern one Porsche 935 and could afford no fewer than five Mercedes SLRs. In addition, he’s waiting for a McLaren Speedtail, a Ford GT, a Mercedes-AMG One and finally the four-seater hypercar Koenigsegg Gemera to receive.

Source: Manny Khoshbin / YouTube


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