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While she will integrate the world top 50 thanks to her place in the final of the Palermo Open, Fiona Ferro wants to see further. «Congratulations on your next entry into the top 50 (Fiona Ferro will be 44th or 47th depending on her result in the final on Sunday). Was this a milestone you were looking forward to, and what does it mean to you?
Yes, I was expecting it, but it is only a step on my way. My long term goal has always been to be top 20. It’s a step further, but it’s not an end in itself. I really hope to win the tournament on Sunday. read also Fiona Ferro in the final in Palermo Precisely, the semi-final against Camila Giorgi started badly. His game didn’t seem to suit you.
I was not too into it at first, yes. She’s not the kind of player I like to play. She tries to assault on every strike without giving you time to play. I was late all the time. In the second set, I tried to focus more on my game and be aggressive myself and I think I did well.

“After five months without competition, everyone has a little pain in the recovery” The tournament is not over yet, but can you already take stock of this recovery?
It is very positive. To be in the final from the first tournament is super positive. I really wanted to play five matches, so the first goal has been reached. Above all, I feel like I have progressed in each game. What is harder about this recovery, physical or mental?
It’s a bit of a mix of the two. We must also manage the emotions that have an impact on the physical. I saw this week that the girls have pain on the left, on the right, more than usual. From the quarters, everyone has a bandage somewhere. After five months without competition, everyone has a little pain in the recovery. The hardest part is actually to hold on until the end of the week. Concentration level, on the other hand, things are going well. The tournaments I did in July prepared me well for this. Doing 10 matches helped me to be good at the level of concentration this week. “


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