the photographers couldn’t hold back the laughter


The Kings Felipe VI and Letizia They continue in Menorca their route to support tourism in the Balearic Islands and this Thursday they visited the Shuttle of the Tudons, an example of the island’s Talayotic culture and a candidate for World Heritage UNESCO.

There they have been guided by Lluís Ametller, who has explained the history and main characteristics of the Naveta des Tudons. Later, Felipe VI, wearing sunglasses and a blue shirt, and Letizia, wearing a white dress, have approached the monument to see it from closer.

During the visit, a curious moment was seen when the monarch had a hard time fighting a large insect. In the video we can see Felipe VI slapping the air trying to get rid of the flying arthropod.

A moment that has caused the laughter of the photographers, who at that moment were capturing every detail of the visit.


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