The PSC does not see a referendum as a priority and asks to focus on overcoming the crisis


Barcelona, ​​Aug 5 (EFE) .- The PSC deputy in Congress José Zaragoza has stated this Wednesday that a referendum on monarchy or republic is not a priority and has opted to focus efforts on overcoming the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic of coronavirus.

In declarations to Catalunya Ràdio, Zaragoza has defined itself ideologically as “republican” and has stressed that the PSC is also, but has pointed out that now open the debate on monarchy or republic, “with the problems” facing the country, “not leads nowhere. “

Zaragoza has underlined that to change the model of the State a reform of the Constitution would be necessary, with reinforced majorities in the Cortes, and that could generate “more conflict” and “controversy” at a historical moment of great difficulty due to the coronavirus crisis.

Thus distancing himself from the commons, who openly defend the holding of a referendum on monarchy or republic, Zaragoza has said that “someone has to remain calm”, since at the moment there is no need to focus on this “false debate” on the model of State, which “does not provide solutions”.

In his opinion, the “political conditions” to deal with this scenario do not currently exist and, in addition, the institutions must “focus” on overcoming the health crisis and facing the “economic recovery” of the country.

The priorities, in his opinion, do not go through a referendum, but for issues such as the next General State Budgets.

On the other hand, Zaragoza has pointed out that “the news that has been coming out in recent years” about King Juan Carlos “has been damaging the image of the monarchy”, so Felipe VI “had to distance himself from this scandal “

According to Zaragoza, “it is positive that the current king distances himself from the previous king”, given the “wear and tear this whole situation is causing the institution of the monarchy.”

And he added that the Pedro Sánchez government “what it has done is defend the Constitution and ask the monarchy to distance itself from a scandal that Spanish public opinion is ashamed of.”

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