What rivals of the Argentine teams in the Copa Libertadores presented cases of coronavirus?


The COVID-19 pandemic is going through its worst moment in South America. Several countries, such as Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia report thousands of cases per day and the WHO has already declared that the region is the new epicenter of the virus. Even so, football is ready to return: local leagues at different points will start in August, while CONMEBOL set dates for the continuation of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores . And in Argentina, which is also among those most affected by the coronavirus, a tentative date for the return from training has not even been set yet .


The AFA, the National Government and the clubs have different views on the problem and how to move forward, but what seems to be clear is that sooner rather than later, the teams will return to practice and there could arise the first positives among the players, such as it already happens, and has happened, in several of the rivals they will have to face.


Xeneize is in Group H along with Libertad, Caracas and Independiente de Medellín.

  • Paraguay is one of the countries least affected by the coronavirus and that is why the championship was able to start again, although it had to be delayed due to a controversy in the face of a wave of false positives. However, in the latest wave of tests, the AFP announced a case on Ramón Díaz’s campus. Even so, you can continue to play in the championship.
  • Although its official figures are disputed, the numbers published by the WHO indicate that Venezuela is also one of the least affected countries in the region. That is why since the end of June, the team from the Venezuelan capital was able to return to training regularly, under strict protocols and in the last round of testing, the club confirmed positive cases – it did not clarify how many – and announced that the entire squad will enter in isolation, so they won’t be able to train for a while.
  • The DIM is the only rival of the Xeneize that, until now, confirmed cases. The training sessions returned to Colombia on July 22 and a week before all the members of the team were tested, among which three asymptomatic positives jumped . For now, the team continues to train individually.


El Millonario makes up Group D, along with Sao Paulo, Liga de Quito and Binacional.

  • Brazil adopted very different measures from the rest of the region – and almost the whole world – and, at this moment, it is the second country with the highest number of active cases. The state of San Pablo, in fact, has more than twice as many positives as Argentina and that is where Marcelo Gallardo’s men must travel for the first time. The club has not confirmed, until now, that there is an infected footballer.
  • Ecuador was another of the countries that returned to training for a long time: since the beginning of June that footballers can practice together with their teammates. After confirming only one case after the first round of tests in June, another 54 tests were carried out at the end of July, among which there were eight positives, two of them from footballers.
  • Peru is the second country in South America with the highest number of cases, but the teams were able to return to training and there is a date chosen for the return of the championship: August 7. Binacional returned to practices at the beginning of July and the campus carried out two tests, of which, in the first, three positive cases came out . No names were reported and it was clarified that they were asymptomatic. In the second round of testing, there were no reported infected.

The team of players, technical command, auxiliary command and administrative personnel passed the serological tests, …

Posted by Club Deportivo Binacional FC on Wednesday, July 22, 2020


The Academy is in Group F along with Nacional, Estudiantes de Mérida and Alianza Lima.

  • Uruguay was another of the countries that, thanks to an efficient treatment against the pandemic, was less affected by the coronavirus. For this reason, although the championship will only be able to return in August, the teams have been training since mid-June. In Nacional, the last tests were carried out before moving on to phase 3 of the protocol established by the AUF, in mid-July, and no cases were reported.
  • Similar to the case of Caracas, in Estudiantes de Mérida tests were carried out for the last time in early July and there were no reported cases.
  • Unlike Binacional, Alianza Lima had three positive cases before returning to training in early July, while a week later, It was confirmed that Mario Salas, the DT, was also infected, although he is already recovered.


El Halcón is in Group G with Delfín, Santos and Olimpia.

  • The Santos team underwent tests for the last time before facing the duel against Ponte Preta for the quarterfinals of the Paulista championship and they did not announce any positive case.
  • As in Liga de Quito, the Delfín squad was tested in the return to training at the beginning of July and, according to reports, they have no positive cases.
  • Unlike Libertad, Olimpia itself was harmed by the controversy with false positives and, finally, it was confirmed that one of its footballers is infected , although it was reported that he is asymptomatic and that the rest of the team and coaching staff tested negative. In the last series of tests, the AFP reported that another positive case was detected.


El Matador is in Group B with Palmeiras, Guaraní and Bolívar.

  • Vanderlei Luxemburg, coach of Palmeiras, tested positive at the beginning of July after a round of tests that took place at the end of June. He is already recovered and has led the team in the last games . From there, no cases were reported again.
  • Guaraní, like Olimpia, was another of those affected by cases of false positives: after new tests approved by the APF, it was known that all the players tested negative.
  • After returning to training and after the first round of testing, Bolívar announced that he has seven confirmed asymptomatic cases, although he did not clarify whether they are players.


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