What we know (and what we do not yet know) about the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates


A “breakthrough spectacular” ? IRael and the United Arab Emirates signed a “historic peace agreement” under the aegis of United StatesUS President Donald Trump announced Thursday, August 13, allowing these two countries to normalize their relations. It’s about a “historic day” which opens “a new era” for the Arab world and Israel, reacted the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Lit is United Arab Emirates have for their part welcomed a“daring step” which will make it possible to achieve “a two-state solution” for the Palestinian people. Here is what we know, and what we still do not know, about this text.

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What we know

The two countries must resume diplomatic relations and sign bilateral agreements. Israeli and UAE delegations to meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements covering investment, tourism, direct air links, security, telecommunications and other topics, can we read in the declaration joint (in English) of the three countries. The reopening of embassies in Israel and the Emirates should also intervene “soon”, according toth Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the Emirates, Anwar (…)

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