A deadly car bomb attack in the predominantly peaceful landscape of Gor


The attack took place in front of the police headquarters in near government buildings in the provincial capital Gor, where so far there has not been as much violence as in other Afghan provinces in the grip of Taliban clashes in government forces.

Among those killed in both civilians and members of the security forces were reportedly injured. More of the injured are in critical condition, so they expect the death toll to rise further, the province’s health director said. Juma Gul Jacob.

Spokesman for the Governor of the Province Aref Abir he said the explosion was very powerful in damaged nearby buildings in charge of women’s affairs in disabled people, reports the French news agency AFP. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

As a result of the fighting, 5,000 people fled the Helmand region

Taliban clashes erupt again in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan in recent weeks in government forces, in this despite the peace negotiations between the conflicting parties taking place in Qatar.

About 5,000 families fled the province before the clashes. According to the United Nations, about 200 people were killed or injured in the clashes.

On Friday, the Taliban announced that they would no longer attack targets in western Afghanistan, according to Al Jazzir.

The announcement came after the U.S. announced it would be in in line with the February peace deal halted all attacks in night operations against the Taliban. The United States has carried out airstrikes against the Taliban in support of Afghan government forces in the Helmand area.


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