A woman strangled her three little daughters in Vienna. She attempted suicide, then reported to the authorities World


Vienna A 31-year-old Viennese woman originally from Nepal murdered her three daughters and attempted suicide. Then she called the ambulance and confessed to the crime. According to forensic doctors quoted by the APA, the children were strangled: two at the age of eight months and three years were dead on the spot, the oldest nine-year-old girl was hospitalized, but efforts to revive her were unsuccessful.

Rescuers arrived at the apartment in the Donaustadt district of Vienna after a phone call, which they received at 05:20. The woman in it announced that she was attempting suicide. There were two girls with no signs of life on the spot; a third was taken to hospital but failed to be rescued, a police spokesman said.

According to the police, the woman, whose motive is unclear, had injuries on her hands, but it was not so serious that she had to go to the hospital with him. According to the police, the father of the children probably lives in Vienna, but separately from the family.


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