Abuses, hunger and thirst: dismantling a network of labor exploitation in Spain | Video


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The National Police of Spain has dismantled a network of labor exploitation in which people of South American origin deceived immigrants with promises of decent work and forced them to work long hours in the sun and without water or food.

This October 18 there are reasons to celebrate the European Day Against Human Trafficking in Spain. Twenty-nine exploiters have been arrested in the provinces of Córdoba and Seville for subjecting 52 persons to very harsh working conditions.

© Photo: National Police of Spain

They dismantle a network of labor exploitation in Spain

As some of those affected stated at the beginning of the year, once they were recruited to work in different labor campaigns with promises of decent and prosperous conditions, the exploiters took advantage of their vulnerability. They were hardly offered food and water during the long working hours, which sometimes lasted until sunset, which is why fainting and heat stroke. In addition, they charged much lower amounts than agreed.
The investigation carried out by the Police has concluded that this organization had several companies distributed throughout the two Andalusian provinces and that it moved immigrants between them in vehicles suitable for eight people in which they put up to 15, in some cases even using the trunk.
The members of the organization fraudulently registered workers with Social Security, the regulatory system for employment conditions in the Iberian country. They did it in such a way that possible labor inspectorates would not accuse them of irregularities, but giving them a lower salary and regardless of job requirements.

With this information, the agents made several searches in the homes of the scammers, in an implicated agency and in an industrial warehouse in Seville in which some workers were crowded. There they could see more than 30 people who slept on the floor, had little food and had only one toilet. The exploiters will go to court.


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