After mitigation of measures against the coronavirus, Israelis took to the streets again, wanting the resignation of the Prime Minister


Thousands of Israelis demonstrated on Saturday night in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence. Following the relaxation of measures against the spreading coronavirus, they followed up on recent protest rallies against the leader “Jewish state”.

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On September 18, the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu imposed the second nationwide locking of the state, the so-called lockdown. The move at the time led to a cessation of protest, as strict measures allowed people to move no more than a kilometer from home.

They demand resignation

Protesters gathered in the center of Jerusalem on Saturday and then marched on the prime minister’s official residence, holding banners urging him to resign and chant the floor. “Revolution”.

There were also a number of smaller demonstrations throughout the country, and according to the organizers, a total of about 260,000 took them to the streets.

Restriction of movement

Earlier this calendar year, Israel managed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by closing borders and imposing strict restrictions on movement.

However, the rapid restart of the economy led to an increase in cases and this situation forced a second lockdown, which in the recent period was hardly borne by ultra-Orthodox Jews.

There are currently more than 2,200 fatal cases of COVID-19 in Israel, which have so far “Holy land” confirmed in more than 300 thousand people.


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