After the big win, he almost missed the announcement, but he won’t forget the feelings #video


The match of the World Cup in kayaking and canoeing on wild waters in Tacen ended for the Slovenian team according to the best possible scenario. Slovenian canoeist Luka Božič was looking forward to his first victory on the home course. Benjamin Savšek was sixth, while Alja Kozorog and Lea Novak took fifth and seventh place respectively in the final.

There was no atmosphere, but the joy is still great

Although the competition in Tacen was somewhat curtailed, the competitors had to make a fair effort if they wanted to step on the top step. To the delight of all Slovenian sports fans, Luka Božič succeeded in this, winning the World Cup for the second time. But this victory was even more special for the coastal canoeist, as he achieved it on home soil. There was no atmosphere in the Tacen stands, but the joy and satisfaction of Luka was no less. Second place went to the Frenchman Nicolas Gestinand the third was Jules Bernardet. Benjamin Savšek was sixth at the end, Jure Lenarčič on the ninth.

Luka Božič showed the best run for the end of the season.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

He didn’t know it was so nice to win at home

“I didn’t expect it to be so special to win at home. The first victory in Tacen in such an important match as the World Cup… Despite the fact that the stands are not full, I was overwhelmed by special moments, and just today I managed such a ride. For the end of the season I showed the best ride, ”Christmas said immediately after the announcement. He almost missed this, as as soon as he came out of the water, quite a few obligations awaited him.

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The season is over for him

Luka, who was third at the World Championships last year, took an ungrateful fourth place at the European Championships in Prague this year. This result crushed him to some extent. How did he manage to motivate himself and prepare for the home game? “It wasn’t hard. I had some problems with a minor injury that I will finally heal after the season. I dealt with it the most, but I think I was very well prepared again today. I was well prepared in Prague as well, but there I wanted too much. In Tacen, I think I showed better and better rides in the semifinals and finals, “added Božič, who revealed that this year’s season is over for him and that he will not travel to the World Cup in Pau, France. .

For Beni, everything collapsed in the last part of the track

Benjamin Savšek was in the game for the highest places until the last part of the course, but then he made mistakes and the chances for a high ranking floated on the water. In the end, his time was enough for sixth place, which was below the expectations of the current European champion.

I ran nicely in the upper part, I tried to squeeze a little in the lower part, but it pulled me into a “roll” and I fell out of the right

Benjamin Savšek knew immediately that his ride would not be enough for the highest places.

Benjamin Savšek knew immediately that his ride would not be enough for the highest places.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

lines. I had a hard time correcting this mistake, it was a considerable waste of time, so I was quite frustrated by the ride. I realized it wasn’t going to be a good outcome, “explained one of the best canoeists in the world after the race in recent years. He himself is inclined to miss the World Cup in Pau and start preparing for the new season.

Alja Kozorog even too aggressive on the track

Among the canoeists, the Brazilian was looking forward to the victory Ana Satila, the other was French Lucie Priouxand the third a young American Evy Leibfarth. Alja Kozorog she missed the best result in the World Cup matches by only one place, after finishing fourth in Tacen last year and landing fifth this year due to too many touches. Lea Novak was seventh.

“I wanted to drive offensively and as fast as possible. Maybe I tackled the track a little too aggressively and because of that there were also a few more touches. And that’s exactly what cost me a good ranking,” said Alja Kozorog after the race.

Lea Novak was seventh in the end.

Lea Novak was seventh in the end.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

C-1 men:
1. Luka Bozic (Slo) 78.17 (0)

Nicolas Gestin (Fra) + 1.64 (0)
Jules Bernardet (Fra) 2.07 (0)
4. Matija Marinic (Cro) 5.41 (0)
5. Vojtech Heger (Czech Republic) 7.45 (2)
6. Benjamin Savsek (Slo) 7.87 (6)

9. Jure Lenarcic (Slo) 27.30 (4)

C-1 women:
1. Ana Satila (Bra) 93.64 (2)
2. Lucie Prioux (Fra) + 1,73 (2)
3. Evy Leibfahrt (ZDA) 3.12 (0)
Marjorie Delassus (Fra) 5.31 (4)
5. Alja Kozorog (Slo) 6.87 (6)

7. Lea Novak (Slo) 9.50 (2)

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