After the last match messages: I will stick to the recommendations and try to stay healthy #video


“I’m going to go home to my wife and daughter and get a little disconnected,” said Peter Kauzer, one of the best whitewater kayakers in recent years, with visible relief after the last race of the year.


Peter Kauzer put the medal around his neck #video

Peter Kauzer won second place in the World Cup match at home in Tacen on Saturday. Despite the top result, he waved his hand when he reached the finish line. The Tacen course is very unpredictable and his father and the coach of our kayak ace told us in the finish arena that he saw after the first four gates that it would be difficult.

Peter Kauzer first stood on the winners' stage in Tacen 15 years ago when he was silver at the European Championships.

Peter Kauzer first stood on the winners’ stage in Tacen 15 years ago when he was silver at the European Championships.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

I learned to enjoy myself under the pressure of home terrain

However, Kauzer, who won his first medal on the Tacen track 15 years ago (European Championship 2005, op. Cit.), Once again stood on the podium. He has said many times in the past that the Tacen track does not suit him the most due to its unpredictability, but he enjoys it more and more over the years. For Kapsl, this was the seventh podium in his career in Tacen – four wins and three second places.

“I’m glad that I somehow learned to enjoy Tacen under the pressure of the home field. In every race I try to gather and do my best in the race. Tacen is very unpredictable, especially at this water level. If your boat doesn’t start from the start, then it’s very difficult I get the ride I want. In the end, the result is appropriate. ”

He will follow his national team colleagues on television

Now he will take some time to rest.

Now he will take some time to rest.
Photo: Personal archive

Usually, the Tacen stands at World Cup matches are packed, but this time they were lonely due to the situation in the country. Did Peter miss Hrastnik fans, who usually provide a good atmosphere? “The whole season was weird, so it wasn’t weird. I believe they watched at home on TV and cheered for all of us. I hope we didn’t disappoint them too much. I know the outcome could have been better. As I always say , our sport is unpredictable and sometimes the advantage of the home field turns towards us, “explained the man, who immediately after the match went to his hometown and daughter in Hrastnik.

“I won’t be in Tacen on Sunday, but I will watch the match at home. After all, I can’t move from Zasavska to the central Slovenian region. I will stick to the recommendations and try to stay healthy. I hope we all overcome this virus and live normally.”

At 37, Peter Kauzer is still at the top of the world kayak.

At 37, Peter Kauzer is still at the top of the world kayak.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

It was psychologically exhausting

Although there were very few international matches this year, Peter competed in two, the 37-year-old silver Olympian admitted that the season was psychologically exhausting. When he found out that the Olympics in Tokyo had been postponed, he relaxed a bit, but then he had to wait for some time for the International Kayak Federation to decide whether they would organize any competitions at all.

“I’m still a professional and I didn’t go to the sea to enjoy it, but I kept in general shape and general readiness in the hope that the matches would be. In the end, it turned out we had two international matches, one here in Tacen as well. It wasn’t just a season to rest completely, but it suited me at my age anyway. And I got just enough rest to go into the next season more motivated. ”

This year, only the Swede Isak Ohrstrom was better than him.

This year, only the Swede Isak Ohrstrom was better than him.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Even in the cold, if need be

Hrastničan revealed to us on Thursday that this is his last match this year. When we asked him if he might have changed his mind today, he replied without hesitation, “I’m staying home,” and in a way looked back at next season. The preparation period will certainly be different for him, as he is 95% sure that he will not be able to go to train in his beloved Australia, where he has been successfully preparing in recent years.

They say hope is dying last, and I hope the Australians will relax something. The fact is, the whole of Europe is “red,” and the question is whether they will let us in. I already have a plan B. This is the United Arab Emirates. It will be winter in Europe, the conditions for preparing for the second season will be very unfair compared to those in the southern hemisphere. I hope this will be feasible because I would not like to spend the whole winter at home in Slovenia and training at minus. It’s not exactly pleasant, but in the end I have so much motivation that I will come to the selection matches for the Olympic Games top-notch. Also for the Olympic Games. ”

Peter Kauzer


He does not want to challenge his health and destiny, and there is also great uncertainty #video


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