An epidemic declared for the whole of Slovenia in 30 days


Representatives of the government and the advisory expert group of the Ministry of Health are meeting in Brdo near Kranj on the topic of the spread of the new coronavirus. Although the decision is predicted by a government spokesman for covid-19 Jelka Kacina tonight was not expected, especially not about the declaration of an epidemic, the Prime Minister said Janez Janša tweeted from the meeting that from Monday onwards, an epidemic will actually be declared for the whole of Slovenia.

It seems that the informal meeting has also been turned into a correspondence session of the government, where they can make such decisions.

What exactly the declaration of the epidemic means, we will probably find out after the meeting, which will probably drag on late into the night, or on Monday.

However, he is the head of the expert group Bojana Beović She had already warned before the meeting that the situation was serious, valuable every day and that she was in favor of imposing the strictest possible measures as soon as possible, which could be released after a week or so, if they are sufficiently taken.

So far, two conditions have been met for the official declaration of the epidemic. During that day, a third, 50 intensive care patients were likely to be met, as there were 49 there on Saturday.

Janša: First there are lives, health, then the economy. Everything else will have to wait.

According to Kacin, the purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of the health care system in recent months or since the government demanded that plans be made to increase the number of beds for the second wave of the epidemic; as well as an overview of the measures taken so far and possible additions.

Before the start of the conference, Janša prepared an address to the citizens, in which he explained the current situation (on the link to the right).

We are still waiting for more information …

Mandatory outdoor masks, ban on crossing between regions, closed catering activities, fitness and sports facilities, additional restrictions in hairdressing and beauty salons.  This is the current situation in the nine red regions, which have so far exceeded 140 infections per 100,000 population.  Photo: BoBo

Mandatory outdoor masks, ban on crossing between regions, closed catering activities, fitness and sports facilities, additional restrictions in hairdressing and beauty salons. This is the current situation in the nine red regions, which have so far exceeded 140 infections per 100,000 population. Photo: BoBo

Statistical review of coronavirus in Slovenia

Detected cases of the last 7 days:

On Saturday, 3,765 tests for coronavirus infection were performed, with 726 positive results or as many as 19.28 percent of those tested. The hospitals are treating 265 covid patients, of which 49 are in intensive care, the government said on Twitter. Twelve people were discharged from the hospital. Four died with covid-19.

The covid tracker, however, reports 736 new infections.

The incidence of infections per 100,000 population in 14 days rose to 317.

There are only 10 municipalities left in the country without an active case of infection.

Red two more regions?

The nine statistical regions, where the number of infected in the last 14 days exceeded 140 per 100,000 population, were statistically joined by another goriška in Primorsko-Notranjska region. The NIJZ must officially include them in the list of red regions, TV Slovenia reported.

Healthcare professionals are asking us to respect protective measures

Janša: Denial of the virus forces us to take stricter measures than would be necessary

The government and experts are weighing the measures
How people respected regional restrictions

Police warnings and cases handed over to the inspectorate

Since the entry into force of the decree restricting the movement of the population between the red and orange statistical regions as part of measures against the spread of the new coronavirus, police officers issued 121 warnings on Friday and Saturday, and in 99 cases resigned to the health inspectorate. police administration. The inspectorate is the one that issues fines under the Infectious Diseases Act.

Number of newly discovered cases by municipalities:
113: Ljubljana
41: Kranj
33: Domžale
23: Kamnik
22: Škofja Lok, Sevnica
17: Radovljica, Lasko
12: Maribor, Sentjur
11: Slovenj Gradec
10: abroad, Vrhnika
9: Litija, Medvode, Odranci, Novo mesto, Krško, Ivančna Gorica, Brežice, Nova Gorica, Hrastnik
7: Velenje, Grosuplje, Celje, Ilirska Bistrica
6: Jesenice, Ajdovščina, Ptuj, Mengeš, Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Koper, Mežica, Žiri
5: Škofljica, Slovenska Bistrica, Murska Sobota, Šenčur, Logatec, Trbovlje, Komenda, Lukovica, Mirna Peč, Lendava,
4: Ribnica, Idrija, Zreče, Borovnica, Dol pri Ljubljani, Majšperk, Preddvor, Šmartno pri Litiji, Miklavž na Dravskem polje
3: Tržič, Železniki, Prevalje, Gorenja vas – Poljane, Rogaška Slatina, Brezovica, Kranjska Gora, Lovrenc na Pohorju, Naklo, Črenšovci, Šentilj, Muta, Kuzma, Štore, Šentrupert, Vitanje
2: Šentjernej, Trebnje, Zagorje ob Savi, Moravče, Hoče – Slivnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vojnik, Beltinci, Bled, Sodražica, Hajdina, Mokronog-Trebelno, Piran, Vodice, Trzin, Velike Lašče, Kidričevo, Divača, Dolenjske Toplice, Vipava , Mislinja, Gorišnica, Puconci, Rače-Fram, Dobrepolje, Duplek, Mirna, Podvelka, Velika Polana, Dornava, Hodoš
1: Ravne na Koroškem, Dravograd, Starše, Ig, Ljutomer, Metlika, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Tišina, Log-Dragomer, Žužemberk, Horjul, Radeče, Sežana, Izola, Straža, Žirovnica, Lenart, Šmarješke Toplice, Pesnica, Gorje, Kungota , Miren-Kostanjevica, Renče-Vogrsko, Šalovci, Dobrna, Destrnik, Turnišče, Šmartno ob Paki, Sveti Tomaž, Juršinci, Podlehnik, Brda, Cankova, Dobje, Loški Potok, Ribnica na Pohorju

Poklukar: We will go through something that no one could prepare us for

The director general of the University College Ljubljana addressed all Slovenes with a letter on Facebook Janez Poklukarwho wrote: “In the coming weeks, we will go through our generation never seen before and through something that no one could prepare us for. In two to three weeks we will live a period full of impossible obstacles. Although I wish I was wrong, the statistics are in the case epidemics are unfortunately usually infallible. “ He noted that even today, self-evident interventions may become difficult to achieve, as all staff will be focused on saving lives in the epidemic.

“One day we will be able to encourage our eagles in Planica again, celebrate the New Year in the crowded city streets and garden behind the group. Skiing, trips to the sea or visits to concerts and theaters will be taken for granted again. Masks will again become just a carnival custom. we will not be brought there by the great deeds of great individuals, but on the contrary – the small renunciations of each of us. In solidarity in struggle, determination and hope we will succeed. he is no less honest. “

At the end of the record, he noted that health professionals can only help as much as the community behind them helps them.

What is the situation in hospitals

Restriction of health services in Celje and Maribor

UKC Maribor has problems with free beds, as well as with the spread of the new coronavirus among employees.  Photo: BoBo

UKC Maribor has problems with free beds, as well as with the spread of the new coronavirus among employees. Photo: BoBo

Hospitals are slowly running out of space for covid patients, so the health ministry has issued a decree urging hospitals to start phasing out non-essential health services.

Hospitals must thus provide more beds and, above all, more suitable staff. In Maribor and Celje, patients who do not have referrals marked urgent will be canceled tomorrow, reports TV Slovenia.

“As of Monday, we are canceling all planned elective procedures, especially in surgery, because we are moving the so-called covident intensive care unit to a central surgical intensive care unit, where we have more places for artificial respiration,“said the director of UKC Maribor Vojko Flis.

At the request of the government, a similar measure was taken at the Celje hospital, where another 75 new beds will be added to 22 beds intended for human patients. “The operating wards are shrinking and the capacity for the infectious ward is increasing. This building next to it is the building of the infectious ward, which is 35 hospital beds, which is intended for covid patients as of tomorrow,” said the expert director of the Celje hospital Franc Vindišar.

However, they will still consider some exceptions. The Svit, Dora and Zora programs are fully preserved. The programs for the treatment of pregnant women and women in labor, the care of newborns, and the care of oncology patients and children are also fully preserved.

Vindišar informs patients who will have urgent health problems to report to the emergency center, which will operate smoothly, TV Slovenia reports.

“Even if Slovenia reaches the limit for declaring an epidemic, this will not automatically happen”

Confession only in compliance with precautionary measures

From Friday onwards, religious ceremonies with the presence of people are banned in the red regions, and up to ten believers can attend in the orange regions, but only in their parishes. Thus, today, Sunday Masses are again in truncated form. Archbishop of Ljubljana Stanislav Zore he has therefore already invited the faithful to intensified prayer in the family and to receive personal communion.

Zore urged priests to allow believers to receive communion outside the Holy Mass in cases where they will have to decide who will be able to attend Mass. As he explained, people will be especially warned to come at the required distance and with strict observance of all precautions.

Confessions can take place for the time being if the space allows for precautionary measures. According to Zoret, this has shown that this is possible in almost all parishes. Confession is not possible online.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus remains on the skin for nine hours and is removed within 15 seconds by washing

If during the first wave of the epidemic the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference (SŠK) supported the transmission of masses online, in the second wave it is not so much in favor. In doing so, he refers to words Pope Francis, who pointed out in April that “Faith through the media is not the Church” and that the people who follow the Mass online are without the sacraments and without communion. Even Zore is convinced that masses over the web and other videoconferencing tools cannot replace live masses.

Nevertheless, on Saturday, SŠK allowed priests in the amended instructions to broadcast the Mass online at their own discretion and according to the circumstances, if the priest visits it in a church or public chapel, if it is a live broadcast and if he invites believers at the end, that they may come to church at a certain hour and receive communion subject to measures.

How are schools preparing for re-distance learning?

Upper grades of elementary school students by the end of the month at home

Statistical review of coronavirus in Slovenia

Primary schools for sixth- to ninth-graders and secondary schools will close on Monday, classes will be held remotely for a week, followed by the autumn holidays, when the number of infections will be decided on a possible return to school.

According to the government’s decision, high school students will be able to follow the lectures online until the end of the month, while the Ministry of Education has recommended that higher education institutions perform only laboratory, clinical and computer exercises live by the end of November.

Let’s consider the safety distance!


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