An epidemic has been declared, the measures are as before


Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote on Twitter that an epidemic would be declared for the whole of Slovenia for 30 days from Monday. The decision was made by the government at a correspondence session in the evening. Official spokesman Jelko Kacin said that it was only an official declaration of the epidemic and that the measures were the same as before.
The government recently set out three conditions that must be met to declare an epidemic. The first of three conditions – a 14-day incidence of the infected per 100,000 population, higher than 140 – has been met for a long time, currently at 317. The second condition was met yesterday, with at least 250 people in hospitals. According to the latest data, there are 265 of them in hospitals.

To declare an epidemic, a third condition must be met, namely at least 50 patients in the intensive care unit. There were 49 people in the intensive care units on Saturday, no new data yet.

Kacin: The measures are the same as before

The official spokesman for covid-19, Jelko Kacin, told TV Slovenia that this was only an official declaration of the epidemic and that the measures were the same as before. The government has decided to declare an epidemic to have a legal basis for the measures that will follow, he told public television.

Three packages of measures are envisaged

The government has recently planned three packages of measures to be applied when an epidemic is declared, depending on the number of infected people and the occupancy of hospital beds. The measures envisaged are listed below. Some of these are already in force.

14-day incidence higher than 140, 250 people in hospitals, of which 50 in the intensive care unit.
Closure of shopping centers.
Distance school for high schools and universities.
Closure of cultural institutions.
General prohibition of religious rites and weddings with guests.
14-day incidence higher than 170, 300 people in hospitals, of which 50 in the intensive care unit.
Distance school for everyone.
Special additional slots for the elderly (a time when certain services could only be used by the elderly).
Closure of hairdressing and beauty salons.
Closure of hotels.
General ban on all public events.
Closure of sports departments for amateurs for individual sports and for sports activities of children and adolescents.
Restriction of movement between 22.30 and 5.00.
More than 360 people in hospitals, 60 of them in the intensive care unit, the 14-day incidence is not significant.
Restriction of movement between municipalities.
Closure of kindergartens.
Stopping public transport.
Closure of borders, except for freight and emergency crossings.
Restriction of exits, except for urgent exceptions.
Closure of individual economic activities.

For the first time, the epidemic lasted 80 days

In Slovenia, the epidemic was first declared on 12 March under the outgoing government of Marjan Šarc, when 131 people were actively infected, 17 patients with covid-19 were hospitalized, two of them in the intensive care unit.

The declaration of the epidemic officially lasted 80 days, until the first of June. At the end of the epidemic, thanks to all those involved in the fight against the new coronavirus, the flight of Slovenian and American army planes was recorded. There were eight active infections in the country, of which five were infected in hospital and one in intensive care.

Today, 6,641 people are actively infected, 265 of them in hospitals, of which 49 are in intensive care. So far, 13,141 people have been infected with the new coronavirus, and 188 have died.

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