An explosion of Slovak joy in Nitra: Favored falconers saved a goal in the last seconds!


Ľubomír Tupta and Emre Kaplan
Ľubomír Tupta and Emre Kaplan

NITRA – The Slovak national football team under the age of 21 won 2: 1 in the home meeting of the 2nd group of the European Championship 20 20 over the peers from Azerbaijan on Thursday. The winners of coach Jaroslav Kentoš’s charges in Nitra were arranged at the set time by tracker Ivan Mesík.

The rejuvenated Slovak team entered the match with gusto. In the 3rd minute Fabiš’s cross pass to the dangerous area in front of the Azerbaijani goal did not find the addressee and subsequently Ďuriš could not push himself from the angle. After another sharp center in the fifth, this time by Chobot, he kicked Bulud’s ball in front of the lurking Ďuriš at the last moment. The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after 27 minutes, due to a defensive blunder leaving Okíza completely unmarked. Strelec could have put his team up another goal 32 minutes into the game, after a rush down the left, but his closing shot hit the post. The young Slovaks had a little more out of the game than the opponent in the first half, but it was hardly an average performance in their service and it did not bring them joy from the goal.

The guests remained true to their tactics even after the change of sides. They were based on an attentive defense, through which the Slovaks could not get through and work out an opportunity. Coach Kentoš responded to the development of the match by substituting, instead of Chobot he sent only 18-year-old Suslov to attack and the legionary Groningen brought a revival to the home team’s game. After 61 minutes, Tupta made a dash down the middle past the away team’s defenders to score the goal that made it 1 – 1. It was 1 – 1 at the break. However, the Slovaks did not enjoy the leadership for a long time. In the 66th minute, in the standard situation, they forgot about Merta Celik on the back post, who equalized close – 1: 1. In the end, the locals put a lot of pressure. Tutovka Kadáka did not finish with a goal yet, but in the set time, along the corner of Suslov, Mesík pushed himself on the back pole with the help of one of the opponent’s players and decided – 2: 1.

In the table of the 2nd group, the Slovaks jumped to the third place, they have 9 points on the account just like the Georgians. The Swiss are at the forefront with a full number of 18 points ahead of the French, who collected 15 points in six performances.

The next young Slovaks will present themselves on the ground of the French, the meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 12 at 9 pm in Strasbourg.

SLOVAKIA 21 – Azerbaijan 21 2: 1 (0: 0)
Goals: 61. Tupta, 90. + 4 Mesík – 66. Celik. ŽK: Fabiš – Kaplan, Hajili, Buludov, Abdullazade, Kökcü, Celik. Decisions: Hagenes – Dale, Bashevkin (all Norwegian), without spectators

SR 21: Šípoš – Fabiš, Šulek, Mesík, Sluka – Sagittarius (87. Kadák), Pokorný (76. Bernát), Gono – Ďuriš, Tupta (76. Almási), Chobot (59. Suslov)

Azerbaijan 21: Ibrahimov – Buludov, Manafov, Celik, Kaplan – Abdullazade (82. Valizada), Kökcü (90. + 1 Ahmadov), Hajili, Ekinjier (82. Muradov) – Oksuz (69. Yidirim), Bajramov (69. Jafargulijev)

Jaroslav Kentoš, coach of the Slovak Republic: “I am happy for today’s victory, which was not born easily. Once we were more active, then the opponent. The alternating players brought activity to the field and thanks to them we were able to win. I believe there will be fewer of them in the next meeting. “

Ľubomír Tupta, forward of the Slovak Republic and author of the first goal: “We knew it would not be an easy match. The French also bothered with them. They are a very unpleasant opponent, they have small, fast players, strong in the game one on one. We collected from the standard, we have to take it over, we should not “But we won and that’s the most important thing. I believe we will torment the French on Monday and play a good result there.”

France – Liechtenstein 5: 0 (4: 0)
Goals: 7th and 30th Gouiri, 9th Icon, 43rd Marxer (own), 51st Faivre

Group 2 table:
1. Switzerland 6 6 0 0 17: 4 18
2. France 7 6 0 1 23: 9 18
3. SLOVAKIA 7 3 0 4 15:18 9
4. Georgia 7 3 0 4 14:10 9
5. Azerbaijan 8 2 0 6 5:15 6
6. Liechtenstein 7 1 0 6 3:21 3

next program of the 2nd group:

Friday, October 9:
18.00 Georgia – Switzerland / Gori /

Monday, October 12:
21.00 France – SLOVAKIA / Strasbourg /

Tuesday, October 13:
17.00 Georgia – Azerbaijan / Gori /
18.00 Switzerland – Liechtenstein / Biel /

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