An injured 19-year-old motorcyclist is in life-threatening condition


The life of a 19-year-old motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Volčji Potok yesterday afternoon is in danger.

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after 3 pm, the Kamnik emergency services were informed about a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist in Volčji Potok.

According to the Ljubljana Police Administration, the motorcyclist was self-involved in the accident, and after inspecting the scene of the accident, the police found that the 19-year-old motorcycle driver had made an bend on the local road at an unadjusted speed, lost control of the motorcycle , and then severely injured lay on the grassy surface next to the roadway.

The severely injured and life-threatening 19-year-old motorcyclist was helped by paramedics from the Kamnik Emergency Medical Service, who treated him on the spot, and then transported him by ambulance for further treatment to the University Medical Center Ljubljana, where doctors are fighting for his life.

PGD ​​Kamnik firefighters also intervened at the scene of the accident, securing the scene of the accident, directing traffic and providing assistance to the police and rescuers.

The police officers are still continuing to establish the circumstances and, according to all known facts, will take appropriate action.

Due to a traffic accident, the Kamnik – Volčji Potok road was closed to all traffic for a long time yesterday afternoon.


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