Andrej Hryc struggles with leukemia: The hardest side of the fight against the disease!


During the first spring wave of the coronavirus epidemic, Andrej Hryc heard a much more serious diagnosis, who has been struggling with leukemia for several months. The Slovak actor revealed which side of the fight against the disease is the most difficult for him.

Since April, Andrej Hryc has been fighting a serious disease – acute leukemia. He spent two months in the spring isolated in hospital, where he underwent the first part of treatment. The therapy now continues with the help of the latest methods.

As has already informed you, the popular actor is currently undergoing new American chemotherapy and is being supervised by a renowned doctor who took care of Karel Gott († 80). The legendary singer fought the same disease at the end of his life.

The Slovak artist has a weakened immunity due to treatment, so he cannot see his beloved grandchildren. “It’s, of course, extremely difficult,” he complained to But at the same time he sees a lot of good around him.

“As a positive, I see the incredible support of the people around me, the support of people quite unknown to me, their messages, their donated blood and a number of supportive opinions from far and wide. I am infinitely grateful to them for all this, “added Hryc.


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