Another group of mercenaries recruited in Syria prepares to go to Karabakh


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Another group of mercenaries recruited in Syria is preparing to leave via Turkey for the conflict zone in Nagorno Karabakh, sources in the Syrian opposition told Sputnik without specifying the number of mercenaries.

One of the sources reported by phone that the mercenaries already participating in the fighting in Karabakh are suffering casualties.

“[En los últimos días] The bodies of seven dead combatants were transferred to Turkey, and 18 wounded also arrived, “the Sputnik interlocutor explained.

Syrian President Bashar Asad had commented in an interview with Sputnik that groups of radicals were moving from Syria to Nagorno Karabakh and that Turkey uses Syrian and other terrorists in that rogue republic.

In addition, Assad accused the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of being the promoter of the new spiral of conflict in Karabakh.

Also the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR, for its acronym in Russian), Sergei Narishkin, had declared that mercenaries from the Middle East were going to Nagorno Karabakh and that there were already thousands of radicals.
On September 27, armed clashes broke out again in Nagorno Karabakh, the focus of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan since that territory, with a predominantly Armenian population, decided to separate in 1988 from the then Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.
On October 10, the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, after more than 10 hours of negotiations held in Moscow with the mediation of their Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, agreed to cease fire from noon the same day, to carry out the exchange of the prisoners and the bodies of those killed, as well as coordinating the concrete details of the armistice.

But that same day the parties began to accuse each other of violating the armistice.


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