Another record in the Czech Republic. For the first time, they exceeded the ten thousand mark in the number of people infected with coronavirus


Source: TASR / AP

PRAGUE – The daily increase in new cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic on Friday exceeded the ten thousand mark for the first time, when laboratories confirmed 11,105 infected people. Referring to the updated data of the Czech Ministry of Health, the news portal informed about it on Saturday night.

The statistics added another 11 deaths from Friday evening, a total of 1283 people died from COVID-19 in the country. 3120 people with coronavirus are hospitalized in Czech hospitals, of which 551 are in serious condition. There are 92,736 active cases. Although most people have a mild course of the disease, the number of hospitalizations is growing. According to the latest data on the website of the Ministry of Health, there are 3,120 patients with coronavirus in hospitals, 551 of whom are in serious condition.

Since March, 160,112 people have been demonstrably infected with coronavirus in the Czech Republic. In October, the total number more than doubled, with more than 89,000 cases. This week, daily increments exceeded 9,000 for the first time. On Wednesday, laboratories detected 9,544 cases, on Thursday it was 9,718. Compared to the end of September, the number of deaths is almost double, the number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus has already tripled and the number of patients in serious condition is also tripling.

According to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula, the number of infected people will increase for another ten to two weeks. Experts say that 3-4 percent of those infected will get into hospitals, of which 20 percent will be in serious condition. Due to the unfavorable development of the epidemic, stricter anti-epidemic measures have been in force throughout the Czech Republic since Wednesday. All schools from primary to tertiary are moving to distance education, with the exception of classes for children with special needs. Restaurants, bars and clubs are closed. A maximum of six people can gather. Most of the measures are valid until 3 November, ie until the end of the emergency. The schools are to be closed by November 1.


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