Apple revived years of technology and we screwed it up again –


Apple divided the new iPhones into pairs, which they united in design and equipment. They all know 5G and they will also like the revival of the MagSafe charger, which is launching a new ecosystem of accessories. The basic models have finally finally caught up with the rest of the display and are full-fledged flagships. With the iPhone 12 mini, Apple heard calls on a compact phone.

Both Displays have grown for the models this year, but the overall dimensions have not changed much due to the thinned frames. Too bad only the preserved cutout in the display. Better are also the cameras that received LiDAR for night portraits and augmented reality games. Pro Max is still the largest iPhone and also got a larger sensor with new stabilization, a new telephoto lens.

It’s a pity that Apple removed the charging adapter and EarPods wired headphones from the package for all new iPhones. Let’s hope other manufacturers don’t take it as inspiration.

All the news has UWB, but Apple surprisingly does not promote it in any way. Only this week, Samsung and Xiaomi revealed their plans with this technology. The technological exotic of the week is the new watch Nubia Watchthat wrap around your hand and resemble a phone.


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