Armenia-Azerbaijan dispute: Four minutes after new rocket ceasefire


Capture a photo from a video posted on October 17 on the official website of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, which allegedly shows an attack by Azerbaijani artillery. Photo: EPA

The enemy fired artillery shells in a northerly direction between 00.04 and 2.45 and rockets in a southerly direction between 02.20 and 02.45 (local time),“said a spokeswoman from the Armenian Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanjan. Azerbaijan has not yet responded to the allegations.

Armenia and Azerbaijan agree on humanitarian ceasefire and end to Gorski Kotar conflict on Saturday night Karabakh, which should enter into force today.

Attack on civilians

Earlier in the day, Azerbaijan accused Armenia of launching a missile attack on the city Ganja, in which 13 civilians were killed, including children, and 50 wounded. Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry accuses Armenia “deliberate targeting of civilians“.

Armenia has denied the attack, accusing Azerbaijan of being the one attacking areas with civilians. Stepanjanova posted a video of the destruction in Gorski on Facebook Karabakh and the Azerbaijani armed forces accused of firing rockets at civilians.

The two countries are escalating violence because of the mountainous, remote landscape of Gorski Kotar Karabakh, which is a part of Azerbaijan under international law, but is inhabited mainly by Armenians. In the bloody war of 1994, 30,000 people were killed, and in new clashes that have been going on for three weeks, at least 700 people have been killed, including about 80 civilians. After years or even decades, Azerbaijan has managed to regain control of many areas along the battle line, which has also been acknowledged by the Armenian side.

Everyone hopes that the humanitarian truce will last. Russia’s attempt to cease fire to exchange prisoners and the dead and to start negotiations failed infamously last weekend, even before it got off to a good start, with both sides blaming each other.


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