Attack on the government office: Football ultras protested in Bratislava against the measures


The protest procession was scheduled to start at Bratislava’s main railway station, from there it was directed to the government office. One of the main roles in the parade was played by the ultras of Slovan Bratislava.

During a loud chanting, in which even the most decent expressions addressed to Slovak political leaders, led by Prime Minister Igor Matovic, appeared, including cannons and other pyrotechnics, a crowd of several hundred heads reached Náměstí svobody, where the Slovak government office is located.

Here, in addition to the pyrotechnic effects, the most passionate of the crowd tried to break through the gate leading to the office. When it seemed that they could be successful, units of law enforcement officers intervened against them. Both groups then began exchanging batches of stones on the one hand and showers of water cannons on the other. Tear gas was also on standby.

“It is really pathetic that at a time when the number of coronavirus infections is increasing in an alarming way in our country, there is a declared state of emergency and a collection ban, there are people who do not respect any of this,” Slovak Interior Minister Roman Mikulec said about the demonstration on the social network. . According to him, none of the demonstrators responded to the calls of the police to disperse due to the ban on gatherings.


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