Bedrnkov finished at the EC biker quarter, Zatloukal pt


The hammer and the ulc helped on the shift of the esk tafet to the fifth city on Thursday and today they re-established themselves among the best. Hammer finished with a shortfall of 80 seconds on Slvhje, on bronze he lost a minute and six seconds. ulc was eight seconds slow. Jan Sska finished eighth.

Slvhj hit your cooks behind you. Janis Baumann, the defender of the Polish silver team from Brno, was the best, he lost ten seconds, Luke Wiedmann won the bronze and only Dario Lillo was fast.

Going to gain the first precious metal in Monteceneri for the Czech government was in the race of juniors Bedrnkov. Bronze Dutchman Puck Pieterseov completed the clock race 13 seconds faster. lenka tafety Novotn had a short time of 53 seconds.

Stbro was won by Frenchwoman Olivia Onestiov. Rakuanka Mona Mitterwallnerov, who finished with a jump of less than two and a half minutes, rejoiced over the title of European ampion after the second second city.

In the Czech Republic, only Tvarkov reached the customs from the Czech trio, Tereza Sskov and Tereza Neumanov did not complete the race. It was a valuable result for Tvarková after the 12th round from the recent world championships and placed in the first place in both races of the World Cup in Nové Město na Moravě. She closed the first plate with a loss of about seven minutes on top.

The race was dominated by the favored Frenchwoman Loana Lecomteov, a world ampion from Leogang. Before the Italian Marika Tovová, she spent a few minutes and 20 seconds in the field. Bronze was won by Russia’s Viktoria Kirsanovov.

European Mountain Bike Championships in Monteceneri

cross country

June: 1. Solvhoj (Dn.) 1:05:35, 2. Baumann -10, 3. Wiedmann (oba vc.) -14, … 5. Hammered -1: 20, 6. ulc -1: 28, 18. Sska -3: 52, 41. Squirrel -9: 02, 44. bag (all R) -9: 16.

Juniors: 1. Mitterwallnerov (Rak.) 59:32, 2. Onestiov (Fr.) -2:36, 3. Pieterseov (Niz.) -3:07, 4. Bedrnkov -3:20, … 6. Novotn -4: 00, 14. Oboilov -6: 50, 18. Holubov (all R) -8: 00.

eny do 23 let: 1. Lecomteov (Fr.) 1:12:44, 2. Tovov (It.) -4:20, 3. Kirsanovov (Rus.) -4:36, …ten. Tvarkov -6: 55, Sskov, Neumanov (vechny R) nedojely.


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