Berbr arrested – a great chance for Czech football! But all his henchmen must go with him


2 hours ago, 18.10.2020 09:59
Pavel Procházka
Czech league

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    <p class="short-des">The most powerful man in Czech football, Roman Berbr, arrested!  Shortly before noon on Friday, the covid-necovid flooded domestic media.  "Hurray !, Juppi!" Finally!  It took!  Water is boiling for everyone like that "- these were mostly enthusiastic internet reactions.  It looked almost like after November 1989, when 15 million dissidents suddenly swarmed in what was then Czechoslovakia. 
    <strong>What about a person interested in or writing about football, he is a brave fighter against a football dictator nicknamed "Fidel" or "Chief".  At the same time, the fact that Berbr has persevered to fundamentally influence (and often discredit in society) the Czech most popular sport for a quarter of a century can be attributed, among other things, to the media. </strong>

Will Berbr resign himself as Pelta?

If she fulfilled her “guard” role, behaved confidently, boldly, uniformly, was not lazy and sometimes timid and was not subject to the current interests of some of its owners, a trained mill fitter, who was “educated” by the SNB and StB communist police football rally in the last century or at least at the beginning of the new one. Writing about someone being a sorcerer “and thinking that I will change something with this” uncompromising critique “is somewhat naive. Sports journalists who have systematically and consistently exposed Berber’s various causes can rest on the fingers of one hand.

As Lukáš Tomek, editor-in-chief of the daily Sport, which belongs to the media group of Sparta owner Daniel Křetínský, wrote in Saturday’s Sport: “It should be noted at the outset that Berbr is so far ‘only’ detained and accused. So that in itself says nothing about whether he is also guilty in this particular case. And the presumption of innocence also applies to people whose reputation is as terrible as his own after decades. ”

That’s right, though, Tomk’s headline “Untouchable Berbr? No longer!” it also sounds eloquent enough. After all, Zdeněk Zlámal, First Deputy Chairman of the FACR for Moravia, recalls that former association chief Miroslav Pelta, who is currently on trial due to a well-known grant case, resigned in 2017 shortly after his arrest. It is said that Zlámal cannot anticipate this with the second vice-president Berbra.

But even Berbr (as well as Pelta), no matter what happens to him and his companions, should never return to the top of Czech football.

A hard blow for football? More like a great chance

Jakub Kvasnička begins his opening article on the front page of Saturday’s Young Front Today with the following sentences: “In the difficult coronavirus period, Czech football was hit by another hard blow – the police arrested the FACR Deputy Chairman Roman Bebra on Friday.” However, on the last page of the same issue of Mladá fronta Dnes, in the comments of Jan Palička and David Čermák we read: “The sorcerer has been arrested. Chances for football. Czech football has the opportunity to cut off its disgusting octopus with its tentacles. The strongest were arrested.“

That’s right, rather than a hard blow, it’s a great chance for the future of Czech football to clean up and have a much better image outside of its closed bubble.

I agree with the conclusion of Lukáš Tomek’s commentary in Sport when he writes: “It must not just be an exchange of one person, but it must be an attempt to disrupt the whole web and the rules and set things up in a new, healthy and transparent way. If, instead of a complete change in the system, only Berbra was replaced by one of his current minions, it would practically be from mud to puddle. ”

Now is the time for all opposition forces that think well of him to be quickly and actively involved in the purification of Czech football.

Whether they are activists from the Čistý fotbal association led by Lukáš Říha, signatories of Challenge 2021 around the respected international referee Ivan Grégr, people associated around the Czech Association of Professional Players (ČAFH) led by Markéta Haindlová or officials who protest Roman Berber from they left or “were resigned” (former candidate for the chairman of the FACR Petr Fousek, Rudolf Řepka, Ondřej Lípa, Antonín Barák the Elder, Tomáš Maruška and others).

Berbr’s co-workers should leave

It is of the utmost importance that the Chairman of the FACR, Martin Malík, convene an extraordinary executive committee of the FACR as soon as possible, albeit in the form of a video conference. And that as soon as the situation with the covid in the Czech Republic improves, the date of the FACR election general meeting will be announced.

If the accusations of Roman Berbr and nineteen other people are confirmed, all his “helpers” in the regions and districts, especially in the Czech Republic, should resign as soon as possible. As it was said, so that Czech football does not fall from the mud into the puddle.

Likewise, Berbr’s closest collaborators in the FACR Executive Committee should resign from their positions (or make them available), be it his wife Dagmar Damková, Miroslav Liba from Central Bohemia, Rostislav Votík from Karlovy Vary, Michal Blaschke from Pardubice and probably the Moravian-Silesian representative. Karel Kula.

And what we will talk about, the current chairman Martin Malík would never have become the head of Czech football after Pelt’s strong support after Pelt.

There is also a discussion about what Bebr’s group, composed mainly of referees, was accused of. Interestingly in this context, when the first major betting affair appeared in domestic lower and junior competitions years ago, Roman Berbr was very active in the role of an informant and witness. How could he have guessed that the police were following in a targeted manner.

However, people are also changing with the police, and the current criminal investigators from the Ústí nad Labem branch of the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ) seem to be “young handsome men who don’t just talk to a former pre-November policeman.” Fears full of former police officers.

The case may shake the structure of Czech football

If someone wanted to use the old Arabic proverb in the original version, which in the original version refers to women, I could say: “You can always blame the chief, he will know what for. ”

In the same way, we could speculate on the distribution of state subsidies, in the distribution of which Berbr did not hide in the media by distributing them exclusively to his friends who elect him. Or about the so-called train tickets ”, which you supposedly have to buy in order to be able to pass the competition at all. Or the involvement of construction companies in the reconstruction of football stadiums before the European Championships for players under 17 in the Pilsen region. Or about special business in the Seychelles and companies in relation to the Pilsen Football Association, about expensive luxury cars in garages, etc.

The investigation may have multiple versions, let us be surprised.

It depends on who from the group of accused will start speaking, thus providing evidence to law enforcement authorities. But they are generally afraid of possible retaliation by Berbro and his people unless their guilt is proven in court. This became apparent after the great corruption case in 2004, when many people returned to football and even got into high positions. However, this case can have much more fatal consequences and shake the whole structure of Czech football, ” told the daily Právo its source.

It is a pity that the football league is currently standing in the Czech Republic due to covid. I would be very interested in how Friday’s arrest would affect the decisions of Czech judges, even in the matches of Viktoria Plzeň, at whose stadium Roman Berbr enjoyed a luxury VIP.

This is also taking into account the fact that the “two” among the accused is Berbr’s right hand man and the holiday friend of the head of the judges’ commission, Jozef Chovanec, Roman Rogoz, currently the sports director of the second league Slavoj Vyšehrad.



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