Berbra sent the court into custody


Seifert added that “the client does not agree with the accusation, he did not commit any criminal proceedings.” Before the city court decides on the complaint, Berbr will have to stay behind bars.

“We have asked to inspect the file and we will defend ourselves properly against the accusation,” Seifert said, adding that until they saw the file, they would not comment further with the client on the case.

He added that the client had commented in court on the acts alleged against him, stating that he did not agree with the prosecution.

Rogoz’s condition deteriorated when he was detained

In the afternoon, the detention was also imposed on the sports director of Slavoj Vyšehrad, Roman Rogoz, who is also involved in the whole case, which started on Friday morning.

“The detention was imposed on him due to the possible influence of witnesses and the possibility of repeating or continuing criminal activity,” confirmed Rogoz’s lawyer JUDr.

“However, his health deteriorated when he was detained. So he was not in a position to defend himself properly, “said Poverty.” He said he would testify, but only afterwards. However, he denied that he was definitely not part of any criminal group as qualified and proved that this was not the case. “

Referee Kánik has already had one affair

Detainees are suspected of influencing results, especially in lower competitions, and should be linked to an organized criminal group. Referee Michal Kánik, for example, has already been involved in a similar scandal in the past.

Crimes faced by suspects include bribery, embezzlement, acceptance of bribes and impending sentences ranging from two to five years, with the penalty for a crime in favor of a criminal organization increasing by a third within its upper limit.


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