Between robots, cyber weapons and viruses: explain to the Pentagon how to fight against Russia and China


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The special commission of the US Congress ‘Future of Defense Task Force’ analyzed the prospects for the country’s military development. By calling Russia and China a double threat, the body gives recommendations to the Pentagon to neutralize it through the development of artificial intelligence and cyber and biological weapons.

According to analysts in Congress, advances in the development of artificial intelligence, quantum computers, space systems, cyber weapons, biotechnology and the means of electronic warfare will very soon lead to traditional methods of warfare disappearing for good.

Russia and China, which are rapidly advancing the next generation of combat capabilities, present, according to the FDTF, a dual threat that had not been seen since the military rise of the Axis powers in the 1930s.

Swarms of robots

The FDTF says that a large-scale investment in science is needed to protect against new threats. In particular, it suggests allocating at least 3.4% of the military budget to advanced technologies and forcing each armed force to spare no resources to integrate them into the troops.

The report emphasizes the development of artificial intelligence.

“The nation that succeeds in the AI ​​race will have a critical, and perhaps insurmountable, military and economic advantage,” the document says.

The military will use AI to create autonomous battle platforms that, without human intervention, can independently search for and destroy enemy targets. This weapon is particularly effective in the “swarm” tactic, when many small robots attack a single target, analysts note.

New generation virus

The document also highlights the importance of biotechnology and protection against related threats. According to US analysts, China currently leads this field.
Biotechnologies can be applied, in particular, to increase the effectiveness of military combat. Advances in synthetic biology will allow the creation of genetic codes that do not exist in the natural environment, but that can become effective weapons. These are new generation viruses of selective action, for example, that affect only representatives of a certain ethnic group; or a plague of agricultural crops that devastates the fields and causes famine in the enemy country.
The commission’s experts recall that the US is the country that leads the world in the number of people infected by the coronavirus. This means that the health system and national security as a whole remain extremely vulnerable to these types of threats.


In the world of the future, well-trained hackers will do more for the success of combat operations than military units. Actions in cyberspace can be used to exert political or economic influence, espionage or attacks on key elements of the infrastructure.

Sputnik / Vitaly Podvitskiy

Washington’s dirty laundry: could be behind up to 75% of cyberattacks

Analysts recommend not only developing US offensive capabilities in this area, but also preparing for defense, since computerization and the connection to the network of US weapons make them vulnerable to hackers.

The report also insists on the need to develop new defense methods against modern electronic warfare systems. In particular, it is suggested to create an alternative to the GPS satellite global positioning system, as it is vulnerable to interference.

Space war

According to the report’s authors, in recent years Russia and China have seriously increased their capabilities in Earth orbit.

Experts claim that Moscow and Beijing are creating ground-based anti-satellite missiles capable of severely damaging the US space group, underscoring the importance of developing their own orbital military platforms.

Hypersonic weapons

Finally, the report urges Washington to accelerate its national hypersonic weapons program, mentioning that Russia and China already have such a program.

Analysts fear that without these attack systems, the US will not be able to fully implement its Prompt Global Strike strategy.


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