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Lionel Messi and his eloquent expression after the match with Getafe.

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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona footballers have had a failed Saturday in the Spanish league.

Before next week’s El Classic, both giants lost and did not score a goal. Defending champion shocked 0: 1 with a newcomer from Cadiz and Barcelona in a shocking way after the same result on the Getafe field. Paradoxically, both favorites started in pink jerseys, which did not bring them luck.

Real lost in the top competition after seven months and lost all points at home after more than a year. The victory of Cadiz, which returned to La Liga after 14 years, was decided in the 16th minute by the Honduran striker Anthony Lozano.

The Andalusians have already scored ten points in six duels and are currently in third place in the table. “It is a historic victory and we will definitely celebrate it. We are very happy, “said the scorer of the decisive goal. Cadiz defeated Real in the Spanish league for the first time since March 1991.

The favorite of the duel had a territorial advantage, but did not develop many chances. In the end, the Serbian striker Luka Jovič could open a shooting account in the Madrid jersey, but his goal did not apply to the offside. Later, Karim Benzema hit the crossbar and in the end burned the chance with the head of Vinicius Junior.

“We played very badly in the first half. We had a serious interview in the locker room during the break, but unfortunately it didn’t help. We had a few chances, but they were well organized in the back and defended well, “said Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, according to

Coach Zinedine Zidane made up to four changes in the half-time, and Captain Sergio Ramos also went downstairs, who “icy” his knee when leaving the stadium. “We believe it will be good, it has only come across it. We’ll see tomorrow, “Zidane said to his stopper.

The coach of the “white ballet” announced the rotation in the line-up, because Real is also waiting for a duel of the Champions League with Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday, but he still built a strong team.

“There is no explanation for this loss. We simply have to accept it. We are unhappy, but it happens in football. We didn’t start well, the opponent scored a goal and then defended well. We had a hard time pushing through. We were better in the second half, but we could have scored three goals in the first half. That is unjustifiable, “concluded the French helmsman of Real.

Barcelona also suffered its first loss of the season when it failed on Getafe. The referee had no doubts and he gave a penalty in favor of Jaime Mata after 56 minutes. Eleven was caused by an unnecessary foul by Frenkie de Jong, when stopper Djene Dakonam fouled in the corner of the sixteenth. “Barca” started the season with victories over Villareal and Celta Vigo, but then only drew with Seville and now came the first loss under the leadership of new coach Ronald Koeman.

The Getafe players confirmed the reputation of a great defending team and let Barcelona go in only two great chances. The first was burned in the 20th minute by Lionel Messi, and ten minutes later Antoine Griezmann did not succeed either. In the end, Dakonam almost scored his own goal, but the ball bounced off him into the crossbar.

“It was a match with many interruptions and many fouls. The game had no rhythm, “Koeman said according to the AP agency and also complained to the referees:” I don’t know why we have VAR. There were several dangerous fouls that went unpunished. ”

The most discussed moment was the situation from the 40th minute, when Allan Nyom hit the face of the penetrating Messi with his elbow, but although the referee was close to the incident, he did not show the midfielder Getafe a yellow card. At the same time, several experts agreed that the Cameroonian had to travel prematurely under the showers for a gross foul. Getafe defeated Barcelona at home for the first time since 2011.

“We fought for every ball. We knew we could only succeed if we were compact and made no mistakes. It was an excellent team performance, “said the author of the decisive goal Mata.

Barcelona has to shake off quickly because of the first match in the new season of the Champions League on Tuesday. Koeman’s team will meet Ferencváros Budapest, where the Slovak representative Róbert Mak and Michal Škvarka work.

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