Bolivian government prevents Evo Morales from voting in Argentina


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The former president of Bolivia was prevented from voting in Argentina, where he lives in exile, by order of the Bolivian government, which disqualified him as a voter, Morales’ press office said in a statement released today (18).

According to the Bolivian newspaper La Época, the statement states that Morales “will not be able to exercise his right to vote due to the disqualification, for political reasons, that prevented him from registering in Buenos Aires”.

The note adds that the ex-president said in a message that “the Bolivian people will live a historic day, as they will go to the polls for the hope of a better future, with joy and peace”.

Elections run smoothly

According to international observers and Bolivian authorities, elections in the Andean country are conducted peacefully, with long lines at polling centers, due to precautionary measures against COVID-19, and “normal” incidents throughout the democratic process.

“We are seeing a good, peaceful and electoral process that develops with the normal incidents of an electoral process, learning what organizing elections in the pandemic is like,” Francisco Guerrero, head of observers at the Organization of American States (OAS), told journalists.

Summary of OAS work in the first half of election day.

The president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Salvador Romero, also made a positive assessment of the vote, especially due to the discipline shown by the citizens, who waited patiently to vote, complying with the sanitary and social distance rules.

“With the exception of these queues, which was predictable due to the need to respond to the challenges of the coronavirus, voting takes place in peace, with tranquility and calm, and this is something that we must highlight”, declared Romero at a press conference.


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