Bolivians flocked to vote in Chile


At 08:02 minutes (-3 GMT) the first voting station was installed at the “Simón Bolívar” High School, located in the Las Condes neighborhood, in Santiago de Chile. Only 3,578 Bolivian citizens were authorized to vote in this establishment.

This place is the only one authorized in the South American country, after the Bolivian Consulate reported that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of the highland nation decided not to install electoral precincts in the rest of the Chilean cities where compatriots reside, based on the health information provided by the Chilean authority.

“The information is obviously from the Chilean Government. And the final decision is from the Bolivian electoral body. We started planning, we asked the Chilean Government in the person of Ambassador Sanhueza, director of consular affairs at the Foreign Ministry, and they assured us that this was subject to the restrictions and medical mentions. Then on Tuesday 13 they told us that it was only possible to vote in Santiago because it had reached phase 3. On the other hand, the other 4 or 5 cities where Bolivians live were in phase 1 and 2, “he explained in a prey point within the high school the Bolivian consul Ramiro Guerrero.

Sputnik / Carolina Trejo Vidal

Bolivian consul speaks to the press after voting in Chile

Who added that they are going to comply with these medical restrictions, “that is why they are not voting and I want to emphasize this and hopefully my compatriots here are listening, to tell them that is the reason, it is the reason for public health and medical control.”

Despite the fact that about 25 thousand Bolivians will not be able to vote out of the total of 28,581 that are registered in Chile, due to the decision of the TSE a long line of voters waited to enter the voting station of the Las Condes commune.

“I came to vote because in Bolivia there are many things that have happened so that last year we changed the government and it entered the right wing, but until now we have entered a crisis and we want a change and we want to enter a government that manages our country well, and for that, “Patricia told Sputnik, while waiting in line to vote.

For his part, Martín, originally from Cochabamba, told Sputnik, “today we have to vote for our vote so that the government of our country Bolivia has to be democratically elected, by popular vote, the people have to decide for our sovereign Bolivia, so that he is respected and democratically elected to govern for years, because he is currently very backward because there has been a coup, our Bolivian compatriots cannot live. ”
A different opinion expressed Pablo, who declared to Sputnik outside the electoral headquarters that “a change is needed, Bolivia needs a change. 14 years of supposedly, socialism said it was going to change it, but no … the people trusted In his word from President Evo Morales, for the same reason he sees that many people have left their country to seek better lives, for the same reason, now I think that’s why. ”

For Gabriela, a resident of Chile for 10 years, this electoral act is important because, “in Bolivia the vote, we have a history of the exercise of our vote in which it has always been a party, our elections, or referendums that we have always had they have been a party, people have gone very calmly because it is the way in which people exercise their right to choose “.
However, she was concerned about the latest information from her country, “you know there has been a coup in Bolivia and they have stolen our right, they have stolen the previous elections and now it is also extremely important because yesterday the fast count was suspended. of votes, today, last night the army took to the streets in La Paz and the order has been given that they are the ones who will protect the votes of the rural area. ”
She explains that the army there is under the orders of Minister Arturo Murillo “who is a nefarious minister, let’s not forget that there has been the Senkata massacre, there has been the Cochabamba massacre, there are also many dead who are on his back, and it is he who is protecting these votes then now more than on other occasions it is extremely important to vote because somehow we have to counteract what is happening. ”

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, it is estimated that the tables will close, the time when the counts would begin, in a historic day of the highland country, after almost a year of the coup that overthrew President Evo Morales, and after several postponements of the election process. A day that is also historic in Chile, one year after the start of the social outbreak and that today summons thousands of people to demonstrate throughout the country.


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