Brazil has lowest moving average of deaths by COVID-19 since May


Satellite Brasil

The daily moving average of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil, which accounts for deaths in the last seven days, is 493, which represents the lowest rate since May 7, according to press consortium data.

According to a survey by a group of media outlets to monitor the evolution of COVID-19, the country has 153,690 deaths from the disease and 5,223,667 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The figures are based on information from the state health departments. According to the consortium, this Saturday (17), 461 deaths were recorded by COVID-19. Regarding the cases, there were 22,097 new diagnoses.

The variation in the moving average of deaths compared to data from 14 days ago was down 25%. It is the sixth day in a row with the death curve indicating a fall, after 28 days in stability.

The moving average of cases is currently 20,261, down 22% from the rate of 14 days ago.


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