Bruins akaj: Na ahu je Zdeno Chra


Unlimited from hr Zdeno Chra new contract in his hands, but the delay is not the result of insufficient communication between him and the team, which was made by the captain of the other 14 lists.
The general manar of the Boston Bruins darkness, Don Sweeney, simply gave two tyridsatrironmu a Trenčín native a final word in deciding what he would want to do before the list, which could be his 15th in Boston.

We consistently communicated with Zden and his agent Matt Keator. Just let him initiate what he wants to do next. I feel very good that we allowed him to take the necessary time and let Zdena make a decision on his way, Sweeney told 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Sweeney spoke about the state of negotiations with Chrome after announcing the signing of a new creative contract with defender Matt Grzelcyk. The Bruins have eight defenders under the contract, according to the decision of the Slovak windmill.

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Bruins and Chra have agreed to keep the door open before the start of the 2020/21 season, in the verticality with which many players are at stake. If the door was closed, one of the strings would say so.

In recent years, both parties have developed a relationship in which the player is willing to accept a short contract with his salary, so that he has the resources to build a competitive must.

Chra scored 14 Canadian and 26 plus points in 68 passes last season, and announced that he wanted to continue playing. They are also interested in his services in the dark.

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