Camoranesi: Higher intensity is crucial. Otherwise we suffer.


Mauro Camoranesi led Maribor for the fifth time and won for the second time. Photo: MMC RTV SLO / MR

Purple they did not betray the tradition according to which they regularly beat Novogorica, this time with 0: 4. It was already their ninth consecutive win over white-blue, who last brought the Maribor team to their knees in August 2016. Quite the opposite statistic, as against Tabor from Sežana, where three weeks ago they experienced their third fiasco in less than a year (3: 1).

“I am very pleased with the performance of the whole team, it played very well. We were organized and aggressive. It is clear that the feelings are much more positive when winning. Our goal is to stay positive. We have to be even better, but we always have to. reaffirm with victories, ” said the coach of Maribor after the match in front of 300 spectators, among whom there was no visiting Viola fan group.

“Compared to previous games, we have improved the intensity of the game or the rhythm. I have been saying since day one that if we manage to play at a higher pace, we will be the right team. If we play slowly, we suffer. The national team break allowed us to we worked and, above all, we talked to the players about increasing the intensity. This is crucial for us, “ Camoranesi further pointed out.

First chance for Pihler

For the first time since he came to the People’s Garden, he played under his guidance Alex Pihler. He replaced Alexandruja Cretuja, who was not in Maribor for ten days and with the Romanian national team he celebrated half of Europe from Reykjavik and Oslo to his home Ploiești.

We thought about Pihler before to give the middle a little more balance. He had a chance to show that he is in good shape. He played very well, Vrhovec too, I am happy for Denis (Klinar, op. Cit.), Kolmanič had two chances, the defense did not concede a goal … In general, I am satisfied with everything. Of course, Nemanja (Mitrović, op. cit.) is also here, this is his moment. and today again. We expect it to continue that way, “ explained the Argentine on the bench of the Styrians.

However, he did not want to define whether he was the best player of the match for him Rock Kronaveter but Rudi Požeg Vancaš. “I would not expose the individual, but the team as a whole. They did a lot of good things together. Despite my new position, Rok played well against Olimpija in my opinion. We only played the second game in such a line-up, it is normal that we need time. I told Rudi before the game that I was happy with him. We just had to wait for his goal and pass. We always have to be patient. Today everything went well. “

Maribor jumped to second place at the last Gorica

Požeg Vancaš: It is not easy to score four goals even against the third division

With a masterful move, Belokranjec only scored the first league goal of the season, after a sacrificial investment he also scored a nice pass in Klinar’s last goal. Kronaveter scored from the corner for the first goal and increased it to 3: 0 from the penalty spot.

“More than the fact that the goal was beautiful, it means to me that I scored for 2: 0, that we broke away a bit, because at 1: 0 you are never without worries. Then we took the initiative even more. The national team break was welcome, we worked on tactics and physical preparation, we came together and played as a team.We ran very well and closed each other.We were also good in the finals.It is important that after a long time we kept zero in defense.Four goals it is not easy to reach even against the third division, “ The match was evaluated by Požeg Vancaš, who has recently received a lot of criticism from both the media and fans.

“Maybe you subconsciously think about it a little bit, but we are professionals and we have to live with it. I do my best in every training session and match, and I don’t follow the media, so it doesn’t affect me. The fans have reasons to be dissatisfied. We didn’t start the European Championship and the championship well. We will have to return to the field slowly, otherwise it doesn’t work. I hope I will continue with good performances. The coach trusts me, so it’s easier for me. In the new system I’m closer to the goal, but in defense I have to go back so much for my players, but I’m closing the middle more. “

Statistics for Gorica – Maribor
Arrows: 6:15 (3: 7 in the first half)

Shots in the door frame: 1: 8 (0: 2 in the first half)

Home: 2:5

Offenses: 11:15

Ball possession: 42:58 percent

Maribor with a victory over Gorica in second place

Petrić: We have to get rid of individual mistakes

And how the coach of Gorica saw the duel Gordan Petrić? “We knew that Maribor could threaten us from interruptions and games in transition. When you receive a goal against such a team, it is very difficult to come back. In the first half, the boys showed character and were an equal opponent. I don’t know if Maribor is in the first half In the second half, the individual quality of the players was weighed in. Only the result is a bit too high, we gave the younger ones a chance in the last minutes. In general, I can’t blame the players, I can only blame them for individual mistakes. that we are slowly becoming more sovereign. We will have to look for points against rivals who are more equal to us. “

The people of Nova Gorica were also infected with the new coronavirus Matija Široka and goalkeeper of the young national team Uroš Likar, a member of the national team under 17 missed the meeting as a precaution Tjaš Begić, was started Luka Volarič. “We didn’t have an experienced Širok, we could also try something with Begić, goalkeeper Likar was in good shape, Volarič was also missing. We are not looking for excuses, the virus has affected other teams as well, but four quality players mean a lot to our team.”

Cvijanović: Too many goals from interruptions

Goran Cvijanović, a former football player from Maribor and a returnee to Nova Gorica, pointed out that the same mistakes are repeated to four-time national champions: “The goal from the break should not have happened to us, we have already received too many goals in this way. We have to fix it. In the second half we had to open up, try to attack, but Maribor is a good team with good individuals, which he took advantage of. coach and a lot of new players, we need some more time to find harmony. I believe we will be better. The championship will be long, but I think it will be one of the most even in history. “

Captain Gorica Rok Grudina had a nice opportunity at the beginning of the match to take the hosts into the lead, but in a favorable position in the penalty area he hit the ball badly: “In my opinion, the result is not too high, but quite realistic. In the first half we still held on, but in the second half we fell apart and stood badly on the pitch. We left Maribor too much space or interspace between individual rows.”

Goals with matches in Koper and Nova Gorica

Mulahusejnović top scorer in the league

In the next round, the team from Nova Gorica will play in Celje on Saturday, while the team from Maribor will host the team from Koper on the same day. It will be interesting to see what he can do Nardin Mulahusejnović, who didn’t get a real chance under Calvary, and is now the league’s top scorer in the Canaries jersey. He contributed both goals for the victory of Koper over Domžale with 2: 0, and in total he scored five of them in seven matches, all from the game.

During the week, the matches of the 2nd round of the Union Brewery Cup will also be on the agenda. Maribor will host Velenje pri Rudarju on Tuesday, while Koper will host Aluminij at Bonifika on Wednesday.


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