Car bomb explosion kills dozens in Afghan province of Ghor


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A car bomb attack killed dozens of deaths and injuries in Afghanistan’s Ghor province, the Afghan Interior Ministry said.

The entity’s spokesperson, Tariq Arian, published on Twitter that at around 11:00 this October 18 (GMT + 4: 30) the terrorists detonated a vehicle loaded with explosives in front of the Department of Women, Martyrs and Disabled Affairs near the Police station in Ghor.

“According to preliminary information, 20 people were killed or injured as a result of this terrorist incident,” Arian said.

For its part, the Tolo News channel reported, citing medical sources, that the attack resulted in at least 7 dead and more than 70 injured.

Despite the strong military presence of the United States and its allies, Afghanistan is experiencing a situation of instability due to the attacks launched by the Taliban and, since 2015, ISIS (both groups, banned in Russia by terrorists).

On September 12, the Afghan peace negotiations began in Doha.

The talks were due to begin in early March, a few days after the US and the Taliban signed a historic agreement in the Qatari capital that provides for the cutting of the US military contingent in Afghanistan and, once the violence has reduced, the complete withdrawal of the troops. US and NATO forces.

However, the peace process stalled for several months, mainly due to delays in complying with another clause of the agreement, on the exchange of thousands of prisoners between government forces and the Taliban.


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