Coronavirus also on DP in swimming


Swimmers from Ravenna’s Fužinar left the open national championship in Kranj early on Saturday due to a competitor’s infection with coronavirus. As confirmed by the organizers, one of the Carinthian competitors felt unwell and a rapid test for coronavirus was positive.For preventive reasons, the management of the Carinthian expedition, in agreement with the organizers, decided to leave the competition early.
“Competitors’ health comes first. According to the NIJZ, only those swimmers who have been in direct contact with an infected person for more than 10 minutes indoors should leave the competition. But we have been together since Wednesday, so these matters can be dangerous and In order to protect all other Slovenian swimmers, we decided that the whole club should go home, “the Ravenna coach and national team selector confirmed the news Gorazd Podržavnik.

He adds that he is especially upset because many swimmers from Ravenna trained for this competition in Kranj in the severely curtailed crown season. “We know that we have harmed them in this way, as there are many candidates for high places. However, the situation with the virus in the country at the moment is such that any insistence on the championship would mean too much risk for everyone in the pool and the only right way. it was an early return to Carinthia. ”


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