Coronavirus ONLINE: No night curfews have come into force in nine French cities


We monitor all important news from abroad in connection with the coronavirus ONLINE.

Most importantly:

– coronavirus: questions and answers,

– we watched yesterday’s events abroad,

– we are watching events in Slovakia here.


8:20 – CZECH REPUBLIC: There were 8713 infected and 33 coronavirus deaths in the Czech Republic on Saturday. This is a record increase in the number of infected, which was recorded over the weekend, when fewer people are usually tested. The portal informed about it with reference to the data of the Czech Ministry of Health. (TASR)

8:10 – FRANCE: The streets and squares of Paris and eight French cities remained empty on Saturday night as some 20 million French people were banned from going out at night, Reuters and AFP reported. The government has taken this action following an alarming increase in new coronavirus infections. (TASR)

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