Coronavirus ONLINE: The prime minister has confirmed a plan to bring down high numbers of infected people


There is a second wave of the pandemic in Slovakia, even stricter measures have been in force since Thursday, and general population testing is planned. We follow current events ONLINE.

Most importantly:

– Slovakia is probably waiting for a comprehensive test for coronavirus, the state is already preparing

– Overview of new measures

– We monitor the situation in the world ONLINE

– See the current map of confirmed cases in Slovakia and ONLINE statistics


8:41 – LOCKDOWN: “If 10-20% of the population comes for testing, the more we will not avoid a complete lockdown – ie the complete closure of life in Slovakia. We will be locked up at home in Israel and once a week we will be allowed to go somewhere to the store, “said Prime Minister Matovič in the Marquis broadcast yesterday.

8:18 – PREMIERE: If, after a general test of the population, the 7-day median falls below 500, then we can start thinking about easing the measures, said Prime Minister Matovič. “The more people come for testing, the more we will enjoy freedom in Slovakia,” he added in the Televízní noviny studio.

8:00 – PREMIERE: “Antigen tests allow us to test the entire population twice in a very fast way. Positives of the tested will be asked to go to the home quarantine with their families. When they stay there for 10 days, we should significantly lower the infection, “said Igor Matovič in Markízy’s evening news.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister confirmed that over two weekends, the entire population would be widely tested for coronavirus infectivity.

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