CORONAVIRUS Whole-area restrictions are not the only solution, says SaS: Vaccination will not be mandatory


“Closing on the basis of general data tested positively is not a key indicator in our opinion. Data on the really ill and hospitalized are much more important.” said Marián Viskupič, Chairman of the Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for Finance and Budget. SaS promotes targeted measures according to specific regions and operations. “It will only save us the economy, our jobs and, ultimately, our freedom,” added Viskupič.

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More detailed data from each analysis on the possible tracing of infected people would be welcomed by the NRSR MP Jana Bittó Cigániková. “This would be the signal where we should increase the protection of risk groups as much as possible,” she said. According to the MEP, no one wants to question epidemiologists or virologists, but mental health is also important. “Failure to support one’s own family can have fatal consequences,” added Bittó Cigániková.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

Gypsy: Vaccination should not be mandatory

Vaccination against the new coronavirus should not be mandatory. The possibility of its regulation in the event of a threat to public health should be deleted from the amendment to the law, which the deputies are to discuss at Tuesday’s extraordinary meeting of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic in an accelerated regime. In the Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for Health, its chairwoman Jana Bittó Cigániková (SaS) wants to propose this.

“There’s an agreement in the coalition, I’ll suggest it in committee,” said a coalition MP for. She added that she had already informed the Minister of Health Marek Krajčí (OĽANO) about it. Bittó Cigániková justifies this step by saying that even though she believes in the meaning of vaccination, the obligation, according to her, will only make things worse and support conspiracies.

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Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Juraj Šeliga (For the People) confirmed that there is an agreement in the coalition to remove the wording about vaccination from the submitted amendment. “The inaccurate wording on compulsory vaccination will be dropped. We will insist on that, such is the coalition agreement.” he said that vaccination would not be mandatory.

Deputies are due to discuss the government’s amendment to the law on the protection, support and development of public health expeditiously on Tuesday. The legal regulation addresses the area of ​​regulations of the Public Health Office (ÚVZ) of the Slovak Republic and regional public health offices (RÚVZ). It has several inconsistencies to eliminate. In addition, the amendment states that these authorities could order several measures in the event of a threat to public health, including vaccination and the administration of antibodies.


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