COVID-19: Latest News – An Epidemic Declared


(21:05) What would it mean to declare an epidemic?

What measures are all promising?

According to the scenario of declaring an epidemic, the school for all would be held at a distance, and the elderly would be re-introduced. special additional slots, when certain services could only be used by the elderly, with the introduction of the 2nd package, when the 14-day incidence is higher than 170, 300 people are in hospitals, of which 50 in intensive care units would also introduce a general ban on all public events, closed hairdressing and beauty salons, closed hotels and imposed a traffic restriction between 10.30pm and 5am. More information, actions and a timeline are expected to be known later on Sunday evening.

(20:57) Janša announced the declaration of an epidemic for the next 30 days

In the evening, Prime Minister Janez Janša announced that an epidemic would be declared for the whole of Slovenia for 30 days from Monday, adding that a correspondence session of the government was under way. That we are very close to declaring an epidemic of a new coronavirus was clear from Sunday’s figures, when the number of covid-19 patients in intensive care was also approaching the limit for declaring an epidemic when 49 people were in intensive care, the limit so it is at 50.

(18:37) Trubar’s retirement home in Loka near Zidani Most

At Trubarjev dom in Loka near Zidani Most, another 48 infections were confirmed among the residents. As they say, the outbreak has still not subsided. > READ MORE


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