COVID-19: Latest news – Saturday 726, more than 19%


(15:19) The Advisory Expert Group is considering additional measures

Two of the three conditions for the official declaration of the epidemic have already been met this week, and the third – 50 patients in intensive care – will most likely soon. Currently, 49 covid patients are in intensive care. There are 265 patients being treated in hospitals, and the incidence of infections per 100,000 population per 14 days is 317.

As reported by TV Slovenia, a government and an expert group will meet tonight. Government spokesman for covid-19 Jelko Kacin said he did not expect an epidemic to be declared tonight. As he added, this is not an official government session. The groups will review what has been done so far, what has been prepared and whether anything else is missing. In addition, they will check “or, based on the findings of European leaders last week in Brussels, Slovenia can include in the plans some additional measure that would reduce the pressure on hospitals in the coming days,” reports TV Slovenia.

(14:45) 39 confirmed cases in Posavje on Saturday

On Saturday, 39 infections with the new coronavirus were confirmed in Posavje. Most of them, 22, were recorded in the municipality of Sevnica, eight cases each in the municipalities of Krško and Brežice and one in the municipality of Radeče.

289 active cases in Posavje

There are currently 289 active cases in Posavje municipalities. There are 123 of them in the municipality of Sevnica, 78 in the municipality of Krško, 60 in Brežice, 12 in Radeče, 11 in Kostanjevica na Krki and 5 in Bistrica ob Sotli.

(11:23) 3765 tests, 726 infections, more than 19% positive tests!

On Saturday, 3,765 tests for new coronavirus infections were performed in Slovenia, confirming 726 infections, and more than 19 percent of the tests were positive. 32 new patients were admitted to hospitals, 11 went to home care, three people died, and a total of 265 people are in hospitals.


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