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The economic impacts related to the coronavirus crisis do not only affect companies and entrepreneurs, but also individuals who, for example, have lost their jobs due to current measures. Due to the difficult situation, a number of people, who found themselves without income on a day-to-day basis, decided to solve the existing problems by lending to more people in the debt trap this year.

The situation caused by coronavirus pandems affects the inhabitants of Prague and the whole country. Due to bad income, many people find themselves in financial problems that they will not be able to solve on their own. This will lead to a further increase in household debt and the growth of the number of foreclosures, confirms Milena Johnov (Prague), Councilor for Social Policy and Health.

Prague has therefore decided to support debt counseling provided by the hunting organization in the morning, namely its promotion.

Encouraging the help of people in debt and foreclosures as much as possible and in the highest possible quality, brings the cooperation of councilors closer. According to n, the economic impacts of the epidemic are hardest hit by the poorest.

The city will promote the debt helpline and thus help with the printing and distribution of information squadrons in the premises of the master or selected contributory organizations. The squadrons will provide Praany strings with information on how to draw up a healthy family budget, how to proceed with the collection of the loan, how to proceed with execution and separation, how to proceed with problems with the fulfillment of volumes and what to do when it comes to court.

Similar information is provided by some radnin newspapers of the city. From January, there will also be information on citylight vitrnch.

The kind of wave will be critical

According to the analyst of the hunting organization in the day of David Borges, the execution in the Czech Republic is about 800 thousand people, I drink 20 thousand people a year under the secession. Most people still have more foreclosures, on average. It is not confirmed that the first wave of the virus is coming and the people are starting to return to normal. And according to Borges, the number of people in need will grow.

I think that it will be new in the whole country about thousands of people who will not have the installments, me Borges.

Where to get help with a debt?

Debt helpline 770 600 800 The debt telephone line is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 and is charged according to the mobile operator’s tariff.


Debt counseling

  • Vltavsk 24, Prague 5 Smchov
  • Vtkova 24, Prague 8 Karln

Source: hunter in tsni

From the hunter, it is clear that more than a million people have asked for the postponement of the installment. For non-banking companies, it is about 100 thousand people. The current moratorium in June and, according to Borges, it is expected that thousands of people will have their ties with the castle, especially to non-banking companies, the two of them have subscribed to them.

People who are risky for banks turn to analysts for non-banking companies.

We will probably see the real problem in November and December, he adds.

People have nothing to buy

Johnov also draws attention to the importance of the situation. Let’s see it not only in the statistics of sweat people who get into debt and call for help. Problems in other areas as well. For example, people do not have enough pensions for food, the councilor warns. According to her information, the food bank grows enough money for distribution. In the same way, the people want to live.

That was seen in the spring. A number of people we captured under the roof of the quarantine were on the street first in connection with the loss of a child who drank with the arrest of the epidemic, confirms Johnov.

During the first wave, a large number of callers turned to the debt line. the hunter in the seal had to massively strengthen his serviceability. During the first months of the crisis, the same number of people called him as in the whole year. In some days, we also recorded a tenfold increase in the number of callers compared to the situation before the epidemic, says Renata Bokovcov from the organization that is in charge of coordinating this service. One call takes pl hours and hours, depending on the complexity of the situation.

A similar development can be expected in the following months. The reason will be not only the re-introduction of epidemiological measures, but also the end of the postponement of the installments, which the government took during the first wave. In case of necessity, we are therefore prepared according to the number of our debt advisers who operate the line, so that we can serve approximately seven hundred people, according to the Bokovci family.


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