Covid has twenty caregivers. We can’t do it without volunteers, the center calls


The center was weakened by COVID-19, which quickly spread among employees. According to the director, the situation changed suddenly, almost from hour to hour. “Given the size of the organization and the number of services, we need experienced people willing to care for the elderly. At the moment, mainly in the Nursing Service and in the Home for the Elderly. The situation is changing every day, “Sovjáková urged.

By Sunday afternoon, thanks to the call, she had accepted fifteen offers of volunteers willing to help. “It offers help in various fields, for example, the driver reports to us. We will contact the interested parties during Monday, because by Tuesday we have already scheduled services among the regular employees. We really appreciate the offers and please be patient. We need to quickly evaluate how we will use their help, “the director specified.

According to her information, the center lacked about twenty regular employees on Sunday evening, mainly caregivers. “The situation is changing from hour to hour. “The confirmed covid has about twenty employees, others are showing symptoms and we are waiting for the test results,” the director summed up.

Due to unfavorable developments, he is concerned that other workers may become ill. The challenge therefore continues. “Above all, we need people for the direct care of the elderly, someone who has at least some experience in caring for them. In order to come to the department and be able to work almost immediately, “Sovjáková explained.

Radka Zikova, for example, was one of the first to respond to the call. “I’ll get back to you during the afternoon,” she responded almost immediately on the social network Facebook.

The city and the mayor Jan Grois also took part in the assistance. “Of course we will cover all costs. We are grateful for everyone who signs up and I want to thank everyone who has already signed up, “he appreciated.

He also asked Masaryk University for help. “We asked for contacts for volunteers from the ranks of university students. We are also in contact with students who helped in the first wave. The system of more effective testing for the Center for Social Services should also be launched on Wednesday, “Grois said on his website.

According to him, the director of the center is also in contact with the components of the Integrated Rescue System of the region and is working on the creation of backup capacities.

The operation of the Znojmo Social Services Center is normally provided by two hundred and forty regular employees in a total of eight social services. “Even on Friday afternoon, we thought that we would be able to handle the situation on our own, but that changed very quickly,” Radka Sovjáková, the director, appealed to the volunteers.

Those interested in temporarily replacing sick caregivers and other employees can call her directly at 739 389 024 or send an e-mail to [email protected]


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