Curled in the back, more dead. Closing schools will lose staff, says the doctor


“What you see here as a problem that we learned about this morning, and we perceive as a pole in the back of all working health professionals, is the closure of primary schools. For us, this actually means that up to thirty percent of highly qualified staff will stay at home with their children, “Balík told Czech Television. According to him, the government will be responsible for many more dead, because patients will not be cared for by qualified staff.

The government is due to decide on new measures on Monday afternoon. The regulations should then apply from Wednesday. What should be accepted and what are the possibilities was also the topic of discussion at the tripartite. It was the opinion that the closure of the first stage of primary schools due to the coronavirus epidemic prevailed.

“There has been a long discussion about whether or not to close primary schools. We were asked, in the end the majority opinion was that the epidemiological opinion prevailed, ie even children can be carriers of covid-19 to their parents. Probably due to the fact that a holiday week can be expected from October 26, the majority opinion was also for the closure of these schools, “said Jaroslav Hanák, President of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic.

The Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová stated that the decision on the closure of the first instance has not yet been decided. However, the regions must prepare facilities for the children of paramedics by tomorrow in the event that schools close, Governor Netolický confirmed.

The government is playing with the Italian scenario

According to Balík, the closure of the first stages could endanger health care. “We are in real danger that we will not get quite enough staff to work. Due to this step, all care may collapse. I honestly don’t really know who will handle the 2,500 beds that Minister (Jan) Hamáček is driving for us, “he added for the medium. The interior minister said on Monday that about 2,500 beds in state reserves will be used to increase hospital capacity and create reserve capacity.

Closed schools and drapes at public transport stops. Prymula speaks to the nation

“We care for the critically ill, who have an extreme degree of disability and require highly qualified care. If one third of the staff stays at home due to closed schools, I can’t replace them with anyone. This is where the government is really playing with the fact that it wants an Italian scenario here. This means that unskilled people will jump in for those who have to stay at home, because they will have children there who no one will take care of. We did not anticipate something like this, it is not in our plans and if this step occurs, we perceive it as a pole in the back, “he said.

It would be paralyzing

According to him, the measure must be tightened, but the closure of primary schools is a step in the wrong direction. At the same time, the package stated that the VFN does not yet fundamentally limit the care of non-venous patients. However, if the numbers continue to rise, they will take such a step.

They are also worried in the Liberec regional hospital. “It would be paralyzing,” said spokesman Vaclav Ricar. According to him, at least dozens of nurses work in the hospital, who have children in the first grade and who are in danger of staying at home with them. Hospital staff are already overwhelmed due to the growing number of coronavirus cases. According to Řičář, the hospital would need more staff to take care of intensive care beds.

The measures prepared by the government will be presented by the Minister of Health Roman Prymula on Monday at eight o’clock in the evening. One month after the introduction of the mandatory wearing of veils indoors, the obligation should be extended, for example, to public transport stops.

The new measures will aim to significantly reduce social contacts. The government plans to reduce the economy, there is talk of closing the first stages of primary schools. There is also an earlier closing time in the game, which is now at 8 p.m.


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