Dad has a crown, he won’t let me into the house. The students softened the dormitory director with poems


“This is how it is necessary to fight the infection and measures,” wrote the rector of the university, Martin Bareš, about the coronavirus poetry of both girls. The girls were exempted. So they are still on the tracks.

Karolína comes from Prague, is studying science and did not want to return home because her father was tested positive for coronavirus. Helena is from the Třeboň region, she is studying at the Faculty of Arts and does not want to go home because she could not go to work in Brno and remained on the neck of a single mother who takes care of two more children.

Give the curtain a roof

Each of the girls composed a poem in which she “asks for a roof”. They are intended for the director of the Administration of Dormitories and Canteens of Masaryk University, Kamil Kulíšek, who thus probably became a literary hero for the first time. It all started with the girls writing down requests for him together to allow them to stay in college. Because of the coronavirus, the government has decided that it is necessary to vacate the hostels.

“Dear Mr. Kulisek,” each of the poems begins. Kulíšek received them together with requests for exemption, which he immediately granted. After being published on the Internet, the poems became a hit.

I have to go to work and it’s not fun

Helena Rozporková writes to him “yesterday I received a message from you, which made my head hurt”. She confides in her that she cannot return home because: “My mother has two brothers on her neck, she has no money left for another member. That’s why I go to work a lot and it wouldn’t be fun to lose her. ”She explains that she has to stay in Brno in order not to lose her income from her job.

Karolína Vernerová confided in her father’s illness: “My dad has a crown, he doesn’t want to let me into the house. Mom probably has it too, plus the crowns are full of trains. ”She explains that she doesn’t want to go home because she easily grabs the crown there and adds that although she used to live proudly in Prague, she wants to end the crisis in Brno. If Kulíšek agrees to her, he will reportedly return to his friendliness after years on children.

“Beauty, trust, insight, humor, responsibility. That is included in them, “Rector Bareš wrote on Facebook about the poems and added a cheerful smiley to it.


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