Director of UKC Poklukar: In two to three weeks we will live a period full of impossible obstacles


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                                        </div><p><strong>On Saturday, 3,765 tests for new coronavirus infections were performed in Slovenia, confirming 726 infections.  More than 19 percent of the tests were positive, government spokesman for covid-19 Jelko Kacin wrote on Twitter.  Today, Prime Minister Janez Janša will address the citizens, and Janez Poklukar from the University College Ljubljana also pointed out the aggravation of the situation.</strong></p><div>
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According to data published on Twitter by the government, 265 people are being treated in hospitals, and 49 patients need intensive care. Twelve people were discharged from the hospital, but four people died with covid-19. A total of 188 people with covid-19 have died in Slovenia so far.

The situation will be shaken tonight by part of the government together with the advisory group of the Ministry of Health. Before the start of the conference, Prime Minister Janez Janša will prepare a video address to citizens, which will be sent to the public no later than 6.30 pm, Kacin told STA. As early as Saturday, Kacin explained that at today’s meeting they would review the current situation and consider what measures, if any, should be introduced and when.

“The coming days will be decisive for our confrontation with the virus. The measures we are introducing are necessary to protect the weakest and the normal functioning of the public health system. With small waivers we can do a lot. Masks, hand hygiene and cough, keeping distance. Thank you for helping ! ” Health Minister Tomaz Gantar wrote on Twitter in the afternoon.

In a letter to his colleagues and the public, Janez Poklukar, Director General of the University Clinical Center (UCC) Ljubljana, warned that the situation was getting worse. In the coming weeks, he says, we will go through our generation never seen before and through something that no one could prepare us for.

“Humanity has overcome the greatest challenges of the past – black goats, the Spanish flu and Nazism. We came together on the first day of our statehood, which drove us forward regardless of differences. end up as winners because we will respond in solidarity, “said Poklukar, who reminded that small waivers of each of us are now important.

However, he pointed out that even today, self-evident medical interventions will become difficult to achieve, as all staff will be focused on saving lives in the epidemic. He concluded the letter by saying that health professionals can only help as much as the community behind them helps them.


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