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Action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme celebrates his 60th birthday. And he still looks damn good. Although his favorite actor was as thin as a lunt as a child and strong eyeglasses did not add to his attractiveness, so he could only think about the actor’s future at the time in his wildest dreams, but he started attending karate and that was a hit. The strongman Van Damme also won his place in the world of film and four wives stood by his side.

18. 10. 2020 12.04 | Author Kateřina Sobolová

Jean-Claude Camille François van Varenberg, as Jean-Claude Van Damme was called, was born in Belgium to parents who had nothing to do with acting. Little Jean-Claude did not deviate from his peers and seemed rather invisible. In addition, he wore strong prescription glasses. That’s why he didn’t have much success with the girls, but that changed radically over time. “Sometimes I wonder how I did it, considering that no girl at school ever looked at me because I couldn’t see a tree in front of me without glasses,” he once said. At the age of ten, he signed up for karate and did very well. Jean-Claude found himself in the martial art and at the age of eighteen he brought home a black belt.

Karatista Jean-Claude Van Damme

He also got lost in his figure, started lifting heavy weights and won the title of Mr. in bodybuilding. Belgium. However, Jean-Claude was very versatile and, to everyone’s surprise, he threw himself into studying ballet, which he had been practicing for five long years and spoke of as one of the most difficult sports.

His attention was also drawn to taekwondo and Thai boxing. He even made it to the finals of the US Karate Championship, but lost the battle for the title. But two months later, he challenged the same opponent again, this time defeating him in two minutes.

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been wearing his whole life. He is also involved in strengthening and training at the age of sixty. “My body looks like I’m 30 years old, but my face shows I’m not fifty anymore. Unfortunately, I can no longer walk down the street with a bare chest, “the story.hr portal quoted him as saying.

The film beginnings of Jean-Claude Van Damma

He began concentrating on acting around the age of twenty. He starred in the French film Rue Barbara and then tried to establish himself as an actor and model in Hong Kong. But he failed there, so he tried his luck in America. However, Van Damme could only speak French and Flemish, so an English course awaited him. As he later said, he learned the language best from a cartoon series he watched in English.

Van Damme also worked as a waiter, pizza delivery or limousine driver, so he spent most of his time in the car. Later he found employment as a bouncer in bars and also began to appear in small roles or in extras of films.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloody Sport

The star Jean-Claude Van Damma shone thanks to the film Bloody Sport and then confirmed his acting talent in the film Kickboxer. Then came Double Hit and the legendary Universal Soldier – these films already fell into categories with sales of over one hundred million dollars.

“What makes an action movie a star is the director and the editor of the film. We may be confused by the fact that the talent of the actor is essential, but such a film usually benefits from a good cut, “he said, adding:” I have no problem working 20 hours a day. I consider the opportunity to make a film a blessing, a joy and a privilege. ”

Jean-Claude Van Damme and four wives

His personal life is also interesting. Van Damme was married five times to four different women. He first married Maria Rodríguez in 1980, but their marriage broke down after four years. A year later he married Cynthia Derderian, but she divorced after two years. Then he married his current wife Gladys Portugues, with whom he was five years old, then they divorced and in seven years he remarried to her. In the meantime, he managed another marriage with Darcy Lapier, with whom he has a son, Nicholas. He has two more children with his current wife.

A competitor of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone has a really varied life. We’ll see if he has another role in his life that he will wipe out from his fans again.



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