Emi is also the prestigious WBC championship belt after a great show


Slovenian boxing “princess” Ema Kozin showed the best performance in its most important match so far and reliably beat the experienced Uruguay by points with 97:93, 98:92 and 97:93 Chris Namus. With a resounding victory, in addition to the titles of world champion in the WBF and WIBA versions in the middle category, she also won the green championship belt of the renowned WBC association.The fighters immediately started very decisively and did not waste too much time getting to know each other. The South American fired several blows, but Emma did not remain indebted to her, which was also betrayed by Chris’s quickly reddened face. If they may have saved a little more power in the opening round, they went full throttle in the second. Namus attacked, Kozin returned. Although Emma received quite a few clean kicks, they didn’t throw her off track.

Our “princess” was especially successful in the fifth round, in which she gave the competitor several consecutive direct and crochet. But the duel continued to be a force to be reckoned with and even the referees could not agree which one was better. After four rounds, Kozinova was leading with two points with 39:37, and Namus was in the lead with one result.

“Move, get out of the corner!” The coach shouted Rudolf Pavlin and her protégé, who was also successfully guided with advice by her other coach Redžo Ljutić.

After eight rounds, Kozinova, who was increasingly taking the initiative, was already leading with all three judges with 77:75, 79:73 and 78:74. Victory and championship belts according to the WBC, WBF and WIBA versions could no longer escape her. The 21-year-old from Šmartno ob Savi brought her boat safely to the end and earned loud applause.

“I’m overjoyed, I don’t really realize yet what I’ve accomplished. I feel like I’m climbing to the top of some mountain. But already during the preparations, I told myself that this championship belt is for me. It took me a round or two to get into the rhythm, but then I started to enjoy the fight, “after the biggest success so far, she did not hide Kozinov’s enthusiasm.

Ema thus became the second Slovenian world champion with the championship belt of one of the four most respected organizations after Dejan Zavec (IBF), but the first with the laurels of the WBC, which enjoys the greatest reputation and prestige in boxing. Only the legendary Croat from the area of ​​the former common state of Yugoslavia owned the prestigious green championship belt in front of Emo. Mate Parlov and Montenegrin Dejan Zlaticanin.

Other matches – men, superlight category: Jan Marsalek (Czech Republic): Fatih Duebues (Turkey) 3: 0 – in the 9th round; welterweight category: Anil Özdemir (Austria): Richard Walter (Czech Republic) 3: 0; middle category: Nikola Zbučnović (Serbia): Milan Todorović (Serbia) 3: 0 – who in the 1st round; light heavyweight category: Arton Berisha (Germany): Darko Knežević (Serbia) 3: 0 – who in the 1st round, Andrija Perković (Croatia): Vanja Dumitrov (Serbia) – who in the 1st round; heavy category: Granit Shala (Germany): Abdulnaser Delalić (BiH) 3: 0 – disqualification in the 5th round; women, bantamweight category: Felicitas Vogt (Germany): Zorana Jakovlević (Serbia) – who in the 1st round; welterweight category: Katelynn Phelan (Ireland): Jessica Schadko (Germany) 3: 0 – who in the 6th round.


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